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Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
12:36 am - Kimono woe
Ali and I met up with Andrew and his family at the Japanese festival today.more to readCollapse )
Over all the day was great and was a big bummer that I had to go to work afterwards. I did have a pretty good day, but it was stressful since I didn't get everything done that I wanted to.

current mood: exhausted

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Monday, August 13th, 2007
10:04 pm - fun
ok, several things I enjoy in one short section. Cake the band, star wars, and Jim Henson.

current mood: geeky

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Friday, August 3rd, 2007
2:19 am - Check

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Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
2:42 am - one last thing
<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/LK7BhnibovE"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/LK7BhnibovE" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK7BhnibovE

for what ever reason my pc doesn't wanna embed anything right now so it may or may not work.

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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
1:33 am - narf
Nothing is more annoying than having a song stuck in your head for hours, unless you don't know all the words to the song to boot. This is how I spent most of my day, "Parts of the Brain, sung by the Brain" if you don't know, be glad. Actually, it is a great learning guide and I used it for a test or two in school, but my own faulty memory has forgotten nearly every scrap of useful knowledge.

Pretty much every night I walk home a buddy of mine joins me when he sees me. He is fuzzy and lovable and just plain friendly all the time. I find it very amusing that this cat just sits on the porch waiting for a friendly person to give him a back rub. Last night he wasn't there and I was slightly worried, he's been in cat fights before and has chunks missing from his ears. However, today my fear was released as he bounded from the top step and flew up to me. He looked the worst for wear. Someone had shaved him down. omg, he looked ridiculous. I am certain that he feels much better, but I can't believe he let them do that very willingly.

Jason, a friend from work, is back from vacation. Apparently he was having a good time up until he went to a live show and they dragged him up on stage and forced him to wear a grass skirt and a coconut bra. He says that there is footage somewhere on the web, but I don't know what to search for to find it. I am very glad to see him back, he makes many of the days passable at work. Plus he and I like movies so we're planning on going to a few movies together in the future. squee!

I got the Inara peach dress finished! Now I still have to make the blue robe to go over it, since even with a lining it's almost sheer. Yeah, I found that out today while trying it on after hemming it. So I will be wearing it with a robe for sure, whether or not I use my old yukata or the one I am building right now will be seen. I still also want to make the Ohotori academy uniform for myself. I think that Ali and I are going to be going as "Firefly" cast on Friday, and since it is small and easily carried, the Utena duo for Saturday and then the competition clothes for that night.

I started the turning of my heel tonight on the way home, but I have really forgotten how to do it so I'll be ripping those stitches out and looking up the correct way before bed.

I started my portfolio today and I think that I have a lot of good stuff in there, maybe a bit repetitive but it just shows my improvements over the last one.

current mood: lethargic

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Monday, July 30th, 2007
9:11 am - funny

A day ago I took Cameron to the library for the story telling they do and a little boy turned around and asked Cameron his name, Cameron leaned in and whispered into the little boys' ear. The boy was puzzled and asked again, this time Cam repeated himself a little louder, "I'm Batman." still in a state of utter refusal that this kid said what he  said, he asked again. "What is your name?" This time at almost the  top of his lungs, Cameron blares out, "I'M BATMAN!" Everyone stopped and started to stare at Cam. He settled down immediately and waited for the storyteller to resume, the kid asking was in a  state of shock and remained quiet for some time and I just felt pleased. I did have a long talk with him on the way home about how in costume he is Batman, but in dress clothes he has to be Bruce Wayne. I plan on picking up a nice suit for him to wear at Halloween to school.

What would Americans do? I still think that this is totally awesome and I wonder what I would do with the money....

by Miwa Suzuki Sun Jul 29, 6:32 PM ET

TOKYO (AFP) - A mystery gripping Japan over anonymous cash gifts has taken a new twist. For those who want the next batch of giveaways, the place to look is in their mailboxes -- or even right at their feet.

&lt;a href="http://us.ard.yahoo.com/SIG=12ho8brtg/M=599964.10951802.11536803.1442997/D=news/S=96599798:LREC/_ylt=AtKDZQTWaOmhjstuyJOKCJv2_sEF/Y=YAHOO/EXP=1185810549/A=4690614/R=2/id=noscript/SIG=10t7f96oc/*http://promo.yahoo.com/att/" target="_blank"&gt;&lt;img src="http://ads.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/a/sb/sbc3/20070622_1_88855_300x250_lrec_attupgrade_girl.jpg" width="300" height="250" border="0"&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;img width=1 height=1 alt="" src="http://us.bc.yahoo.com/b?P=R39hzkWTcupkdIAkRkz0KxLqRwuDYkat7FUACyTz&amp;T=1a5bcbfo0%2fX%3d1185803349%2fE%3d96599798%2fR%3dnews%2fK%3d5%2fV%3d2.1%2fW%3dH%2fY%3dYAHOO%2fF%3d2516359515%2fH%3dY2FjaGVoaW50PSJuZXdzIiBjb250ZW50PSJ5ZW47cG9saWNlO21vbmV5O1BvbGljZTtpdDttYW47aWRlbnRpdHk7cmVmdXJsX3d3d195YWhvb19jb20iIHJlZnVybD0icmVmdXJsX3d3d195YWhvb19jb20iIHRvcGljcz0icmVmdXJsX3d3d195YWhvb19jb20i%2fQ%3d-1%2fS%3d1%2fJ%3d43719345&amp;U=13bd4l32i%2fN%3dVUZNH0LEYuM-%2fC%3d599964.10951802.11536803.1442997%2fD%3dLREC%2fB%3d4690614"&gt;

Residents of a Tokyo apartment building are baffled after a total of 1.81 million yen (15,210 dollars) was found in 18 mailboxes by Saturday, a police spokesman said.

"The money was in identical plain envelopes, which were unsealed and carried no names or messages," the spokesman told AFP.

But residents became "spooked" rather than pleased with the anonymous gifts -- and were too upright to pocket the money secretly.

"Some people initially suspected they were fake bills. When they realised the bills were real, they reported them to us," the spokesman said.

The predominantly middle-class apartment building in Tokyo is not alone. An envelope with one million yen was left in the mailbox of a 31-year-old woman in the western city of Kobe on Wednesday.

Police admit they have no idea who is leaving the cash -- whether a few people are behind the bizarre giveaways or if Japan is witnessing a craze of copycat benevolence.

Since June, dozens of city halls and other public buildings across the country have reported finding neatly packaged envelopes full of cash in men's restrooms.

The bathroom money has come with identical letters asking people to do good deeds -- leading to speculation that the benefactor may be a public servant trying to cheer up his profession or perhaps a member of a new-age religion.

Japanese cash dropoffs are not always so neat.

On Wednesday, bills worth 960,000 yen were inexplicably seen "falling" in front of a convenience store.

"We can just say the money came from the skies," a puzzled police official said. "There were other passers-by outside and customers in the store but the incident caused no confusion," he said.

"People thought it was too eerie to touch."

A man who contacted police saying his daughter had dropped the money had his claim rejected as groundless, the official said.

The largest single dropoff so far was in the ancient city of Kyoto on July 23, astonishing a 67-year-old woman who found an envelope containing 10 million yen of stacked bills in her mailbox.

But mystery money does not always reach police intact.

A woman walking on a bridge over Tokyo's Sumida River told officers that she saw bills falling at her feet from an elevated expressway above on July 6.

She believes 30 to 40 notes fell but police managed to collect only six notes worth 46,000 yen by the time they arrived.

"Some people were picking the money up on the bridge," the Tokyo Shimbun quoted the woman as saying.

No one can say if more people have collected money and not told police.

Media tallies suggest more than four million yen, including some found last year, has been found in the public restrooms.

Dutifully, police are holding most of the money in case the rightful owner eventually decides to reveal their identity.

current mood: amused

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Monday, July 23rd, 2007
12:16 am - no reveals
I finally finished HP. A good story, I am still not so sure why this series took everyone by force as it has, but maybe it was because it's a story the whole family can get into-enough fantasy for the kids and young at heart, but enough mature material, lessons in life kind of thing for the adults. In short, I can't wait for Cam to be a little older so I can start reading him The Sorcerer 's Stone in a year or so, hopefully keep him interested in reading. For being 5, he likes books a lot and can recite his favorites by heart while flipping through the pages.

Finally got to go the knit shop and picked up some tips on knitting socks, and am hoping to start my next pair really soon.

I have just a few days to finish any costume Andrew or I am going to wear to the convention.  I have had very little contact with Ali, I asked to to come over the other day to help fill out the costume contest paperwork and she didn't. grrr  She also had told Andrew last week she was going to hang out with him and stood him up, he waited all night for her to come by and she never even called. I feel like she is avoiding me, which is pissing me off honestly. When I call her she says I have woken her up whether I call her at 10am or 10pm, so I don't know when to get a hold of her.

I ordered a pair of shoes for the outfit she is making and they finally arrived, special delivery from China. no shit! They are not the same as the ones shown in the picture http://www.goodorient.com/Golden_Selvedge__Embroidery_Floral_Shoes_P16597
and I don't know if I should complain or not about it. They fit fine and will work for what we are doing, but it ticks me off that I paid extra for these shoes from this site because the other site Ali had found didn't have the trim, but were less in price. I basically got the shoes that were less from the other site, but paid for full price-

On a side note, I hate being sick and I can't wait til the script for the antibiotics runs out.   I mean I really hate being sick.

I made Golden Snitches for the HP party on Friday, I'll post pics when I can.

All call for any pics of things I have made. Meeting with someone to review my portfolio and just realized that I don't ever seem to get any pics of the stuff I make from anyone, myself included.....

current mood: sick

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Thursday, July 19th, 2007
10:34 pm - Cuz I'm cute ^_^
Ok, so maybe not cute, but I like the lolcatz a lot, and they are cute.
So Here's my result

if it doesn't show up, it's  "cheezburger cat" 85% affectionate, 63% excitable  62%hungry

<div id="testResultInfo">
      <h1><!--t-->Your Score<!--/t-->: <span>Cheezburger cat</span></h1>
      <h2>85%  Affectionate, 63%  Excitable, 62%  Hungry</h2>
       <div id="testResultInfoImg"><img src="http://is1.okcupid.com/users/410/202/4102022445444324283/mt180000471.jpg"></div>
      Sure, you deserve one. You helped popularized lolcats from a running gag to an online sensation. Now mainstream media writes asinine columns on this 'phenomenon', students write theses on the topic, programming languages adopt the grammar, and losers write tests about them on dating sites. Now take your cheezburger and never touch the internets again.
To see all possible results, checka <a href="http://www.okcupid.com/journal?pid=16057073667375255014&tuid=4102022445444324283">dis</a>.

<table cellpadding=20><tr><td><!--t-->Link: <a href='http://www.okcupid.com/tests/6348388576689378978/Which-Lolcat-Are-You-'>The Which Lolcat Are You? Test</a> written by <a href='http://www.okcupid.com/profile?u=GumOtaku'>GumOtaku</a> on <a  href='http://www.okcupid.com'>OkCupid Free Online Dating</a>, home of the <a href='http://www.okcupid.com/online.dating.persona.test'>The Dating Persona Test<!--/t--></a></td></tr></table>

And now go take the quiz yerself!

current mood: chipper

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Saturday, July 7th, 2007
2:37 am - Why am I awake?
Well, it's no surprise that I am awake at this hour really,
but the good news is that I have at least a wearable attempt at the peach gown Inara wears in Firefly.
Pros, for a first time drafting of the thing without it being the exact fabric and the fabric only costs a dollar, it's fitting alright.
Cons, it has some major ripping issues where the cut of the bias pieces meet up with straight of grain. ugh.
Notes to self-
take it in and make a shaped seam center front, take up the shoulder straps a good, two, maybe three inches!!! Oh and cut down the underarm scythe to compensate. Possibly figure out if the center back can be cut down another few inches. Possibly cut the straps a little narrower at the top of the shoulder too.

It also isn't full as the original to gather as full at the hem. Not a biggie for me, but I am expecting Ali to say something. As it is, I used the full width of the fabric to get the lower panels and the gown certainly doesn't suggest there is piecing in the skirt hidden within the folds.  A good pressing may take out a lot of small factors. I just wanted to get it put together to try fit and cut.

can't wait til it's done! yippee....

cd just stopped, so no more excuses for being awake.
night folks.

current mood: awake

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Friday, July 6th, 2007
4:43 pm - Too darn hot
Random stuff out there;

<p><img src="http://bluepyramid.org/ia/wa.gif"><br>
<font face="Trebuchet MS, Tahoma, Comic Sans MS, Impact, Helvetica, Arial" size="5">
<b>You're Washington!</b><br>
<font size="3">Though you were named after some ancient and revered relative, you've
taken off on your own course and are making a new name for yourself. Water dominates
your life, surrounding you on many sides and usually from above. Though you say you
love rain, it's really that you've forgotten that there are other types of weather to
hold an opinion on. You have an amazingly eclectic interest in walls, spokes, yaks,
seats, and even the Olympics. It'll all come out in the wash.</font><br>
<font size="2" face="Times New Roman">
<b>Take the <a href="http://bluepyramid.org/ia/squiz.htm">State Quiz</a>
at the <a href="http://bluepyramid.org">Blue Pyramid</a>.</b></font></font></p>

 This man really believed he was in the old testament http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/5049082.stm

Plan on cleaning up the kitchen today, Andrew made a good start of it, but it's still in shambles. The only downfall of working full time is that all my free time is used up.

current mood: blah

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12:57 am - Cherries on top!
Surprisingly good day today.

Had fun last night even though I was really silly. Got to sleep in nice and late ^_^ When I got to work, most of everything was done, all I had to do was be a pretty face and answer questions the other girls didn't know and straighten behind customers. Not too bad. We had the big boss in today and we called for an inspection, but they just passed us over like usual. Oh well, the department looked good anyway. Met some new and fun people, I can't wait to get together with new people ^_^
I just in good mood today, not much has been able to make me upset, which is a nice change.
Trying to come up with a "gimick" for burlesque. I got a few thought up and maybe a routine I'd like to try out, but I don't know how garters effect it, maybe I'll plan on not going further than garter belt and not down to a string like most girls do? Hmmmmm Well, this is the reason I want to take the classes, right?

Hemmed and hawed about taking the bus vs bike and chose bike in the end, bribing myself with bunnies. Looked for the bunny nest from earlier this week and couldn't find it, and ended up getting to the metro station at the same time as the bus so I felt good about my choice.

current mood: flirty

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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
9:12 pm - Forgot
Found something really neat

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Saturday, June 30th, 2007
12:13 pm - Moments like this....
It's moments like this that I wish my camera was working. Cameron has just built a cool fortress out of umbrellas, blankets, the cat scratch pole, all the couch cushions and his backpack in the center of the living room floor.  I hate that I'll have to take it apart because he'll scream his head off about it. The usual remedy is to let him take a few digital pics of it and then he'll let us put stuff away.

I have to go to work in less than an hour and I really don't wanna.

current mood: contemplative

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Friday, June 29th, 2007
11:14 pm - First dress pics!!!! YAY!!!!
These are the pics of the wedding dress I finished up last week!!!  The whole dress turned out MUCH better than expected, 'specially since I had only six weeks to work on it. It did have a store bought fluffy petti under it, but I had a hooped skirt from my costume collection under it to add extra volume to the skirt, which really made it look great, so I made 87% of the dress!

current mood: cheerful

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Sunday, June 24th, 2007
3:24 pm - productive
I am pathetic.

I was sooo bored last night after watching TV that I brought up the window unit and set it up. I forgot that it weighs a full ton. Ok, maybe a bit of exaggeration, but it was a bitch to carry up to the second floor and get into the window. Not only was it heavy, the stairs wrap around the wall supports-which did leave me places to put it down to catch my breath before going on, but I also had my cat wrapping around my legs mewing at me. Cameron almost locked me out, but I got the door before it closed, but I know he would have unlocked it after awhile.

This moring I finally got around to changing the water in the fish tank and scrubbing it all out. So far the fish are still alive. I can't get over how big they got in one year. When we got them they were the length of my pointer finger, and when I had to scoop them out this time they filled my whole hand.

SO now I am happy- no hurry to make dresses for other people, cool house so no sweat running down my face, and no stinky fish in the dining room. Ok, I guess it's time to change the kitty litter. blah, there is always something. oh and laundry. I despise laundry.

oh yeah, Cam let us sleep in an extra hour! that is a miracle!

current mood: chipper

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Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
9:05 pm - Today is almost over
Yay!!!  Betsy is happy with her dress, that is the last of the wedding dresses packed up and out of my house!!!!!!!   We did have one malfunction at the final fitting, she really likes stepping into dresses rather than slipping them over her head, so despite better judgement, I let her do it. Unfortunately, it ripped out the stitches at the bottom of the zipper, nothing that a quick hand stitch couldn't fix. We revealed it at the wedding shower and was "Ohhhhed" and "Awwweed" at by everyone there. Of course all I can see is the mistakes, the wrinkles that refuse to press out and the chalk marks that I forgot to wipe off.  The last final stitches were put in and the dress was bagged up and sent to someone's house for storage until the big day. I have been officially drafted into the bridal party to be the dress queen and to help Betsy dress and do any last minute repairs if needed.  I still feel butterflies in my tummy from waiting for something go wrong.

I gave Lysander catnip for the first time and it had no effect. He sniffed the bag and ignored the bunch I sprinkled around the floor and on his toys.  I have the feeling that he'll find it at two am and be in my face waking me up.

On a disturbing note, Cameron has a new word. "Murder" which is how he asks to watch CSI with me. I am trying to get him to refer to it as CSI, but he really likes saying this word. So I'm letting him stay up a bit more before sending him to bed to watch it with me.

it is burning up in here. We need to put in the window unit, but I don't wanna do it by myself and my downstairs neighboor has his car under  the window  while he's getting it fixed, I can just see it now. Smashed car, smashed window unit and a bunch of money owed that I can't really afford.

I'll make myself some koolaid and chill it. There should be some left for Andrew when he comes home tonight. 

Plans for the rest of the night is to do laundry since Andrew has forgotten all about it.

pics of all wedding dresses are to follow in a week or two.

current mood: relaxed

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8:57 pm - Happy Birthday!
Hope you are having a great birthday </a></b></a>lots of love and good positive enegry heading your way!

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Friday, June 22nd, 2007
12:25 pm - summer fun
Woke up fine, had time time make a lunch for Cam, got dressed walked Andrew to the street, realized as he was riding away that there was no bus and he would have to take Cam to school. Went over to hang out with people, helped clean up a bit from the party. Andrew dropped Cam back with me cause no school or child care service at all, which I had no idea about.

Fell asleep as he watched a movie, got up, called in sick to work-sucks cause I need the money. Now we're watching Batman the animated series on DVD and having lunch. Good times.
 I am looking desperately for the pool passes, but I guess I'll just suck it up and buy new ones and take him to the pool around three. Why so late? Cause he'll wanna stay until it closes, no matter how early we go. I learned the hard way last summer.  Also, as a CSI junkie, I need to get a required two episodes watched before I can do anything else.

current mood: calm

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Thursday, June 21st, 2007
8:28 pm - silly
Silly stuff.......  I am happily tipsy! Yey! I am in the middle of a wedding party and just left to pick up some plastic wrap and decided to report on the day so far.

Just a round about great day, if you do not include the horrid stupid traffic that made a ten minute ride take twice as long, during a non busy part of the day. ugh, and no air conditioner and a window that couldn't roll down.

But got a great amount of grocery shopping done, hung out with Elizabeth and last night gored myself on gluttony, I love hot fudge brownie sundaes..... 

The wedding was so simple and pretty. really kicking myself that I haven't got a new camera yet. I would have loved to take pics of my "latest" "masterpiece" It really  did turn out well, for a six week project. Only sore spot was the rust stain that was achieved when the skirt pressed up against a railing right before pics... oh well. it was in the back and hidden in folds of fabric.

Andrew won the garter toss. I really think he should not have participated, but it's supposed to bring the relationship even more good luck. lol.......      he wore it on his head for a bit. It looked silly and I have no pics to post of it. sadness.

I am also a good quarter of the way to being really happily drunk. Sad that my tolerance has gone down so badly. I only had two glasses of wine a few of champagne and chased it down with pepsi. Well....  there are three more bottles of unopened wine to be gotten rid of, I think I can safely be a lush tonight since I only have to walk 50 feet to get home. In heels, I wonder if I can make it? I think I'll try a cartwheel.......

like I said, much silliness.

current mood: giddy

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Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
10:11 pm - the end of the tunnel?
So I know I must be crazy, but I have just decided that by the end of the next year I wanna have a full twi'leck costume. yeah, I am insane. Don't know what those are? http://www.lucasfan.com/interviews/oola4.jpg slave dancing girls with the funky dreads. moving on.....

Rest of the stuff to be made is still a mile long list, starting with a Vash the stampede jacket from TriGun. yeah, it's going to get done.*sigh*just not enough time in the day.
<lj-cut text="shortened">

I am at a weird spot with my hair. Honestly, I am happy with it. It's long, lush and managable. But I wanna dye my hair punkish like, pure black with thick chunks bleached and dyed reds and purples.  I've been wanting to do it for years....  But I got the dye sitting in the closet, I just need bleach, which is the part that scares me. It would be my luck to leave it in too long and burn chunks of my hair out. I think I'll do it for sure in.....  October, yeah, that way I can build a costume around it and have more of an excuse.

Also in the hair department, I am deciding to cut bangs. scary thought. But if I wanna ever do anime hair right, I need them done. I just worry too much. in general. But I guess I'll do it next week.

OMG One wedding dress is finished!!!!  And out the door!!!  yay! still need to make matching tossing garter, blah. Ok, and now the other one is beaded and ready to wear, but I need to finish the train that goes with it and the wrist thingy I am designing for it and a garter for that dress too. Ohh! I am so excited!!!!

I gave the cat a bath yesterday. I have the greatest and wierdest cat. He purred through the whole thing, then really loved being brushed out afterward. again, wierd. He's being adorable right now playing with a plastic bag. He loves the crinkling sound a lot.

Still need to buy a car. ugh. It's nice not paying stupid insurance stuff. I am looking a mopeds. maybe a motorcycle.....  Doug is selling his and I think it's short enough for me, but just not "family" oriented.

Cam was awesome going to bed tonight, he even willingly brushed his teeth. I love my boy so much, I just hope he knows it(I think he does)

The baby thing is getting on my nerves. I want more kids, but I am glad not to have them right now cause I don't think my ears and nerves could bear it. At work kids are screaming all the time and all I can think of is how irrsponsible the parents are being and it drives me nuts.

Watching CSI is so bad for me, I just have started revolving my life around them, timing how long to do something to an episode, and since I don't have to worry about com

current mood: chipper

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