darkgaze2002 (darkgaze2002) wrote,

ah ha!

Soooo I stopped putting it off and went ahead and drafted my pattern! Yay, wave arms in air! Not certain if it will work yet or not, but I needed something to destress with after Kay's horrid behavior at school and being expelled. :(
A few things that I started with, first I took the LM pattern and copied the two front panels and adjusted the bust cups to fit me. Then I murdered the simplicity pattern to match up with what I had drafted. This all involved a LOT of vodka. I really changed the shape of the front side pieces creating a dramatic curve and sweep toward the front. I extended the hip springs gore and left the back panels relatively untouched. I next need to retrace all the pieces with clear clean lines and cut out my mock up fabric. I've got a nice seafood green I'd like to use, but I think if there is enough i'd rather use it for the final garment.
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