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So I've been putting off making any new corsets recently. well. for about three years now. My recent attempts have been not so good, the first one last year or two years ago just was an utter failure and has been a constant sore spot for me. I was trying to add piping details to the seams and it just.... yeah. I didn't attempt another one for 18 months it shook my confidence so badly. I am half way to recovery, though. I built a corset in pretty pink and white pin stripe with a flowered pattern and that turned out ok, not only was it successful, it made a decent under bust that flattered under the bra. However, it was too big and did not do a thing to cinch me. I'm at an odd size right now, my old corsets cinch me too tightly everywhere, the hips and bust are all out of proportion and I'm trying to design a corset that will fit my new post baby body that can give me the back support I desperately need and also have it cut as an under bust so I can wear it under my 1950 style shirt waist dresses.... which I would be more inclined to wear if I had a decent figure... grgrgrgrg.. SO, being inspired by http://the-aristocat.livejournal.com/ I'm going to try to make SOMETHING at this point. I will probably start with the LM Silverado, it is by all means my stand by pattern, the first one made and seems to come to me easiest. It made the pink and white under bust, I just need to fiddle with the size and take it in more at the waist and add a gore to the hips(somehow) or I can start on something completely new... http://corsetmaking.com/corset-patterns/CMS-P-AP1318.html or http://corsetmaking.com/corset-patterns/CMS-P-MM1870-1.html
I have in front of me the pieces of a corset pattern from here http://resources21.kb.nl/gvn/GMDH01/GMDH01_GRAC-15-02-016-002_W.jpg all laid out, I traced off pieces 38-45 and I think I know how this goes together, but I'll have to hope sometime next week my brain is working as well as it is right now and that I'll have time to really make this. I think this is the pattern Simplicity was trying to make when they published this http://www.simplicity.com/p-1802-misses-costumes.aspx which is a poor copy of this pattern released earlier and pulled too quickly http://sewing.patternreview.com/patterns/5748. I think I'll try to find my copy, or heaven forbid I cannot find it, buy another copy cause I think I know how to make it fit right and with the tutorial I saw I think I can manage the gussets better this time around. Anyhow I should be in bed, another 12 hour shift to complete!
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