darkgaze2002 (darkgaze2002) wrote,

WTFWhere has the time gone?

So, Where have I been? OK, let's see... Past six months getting used to a new job... It's good so far. Trying to get a small side job to pay for itself--thank you all for your help!!! Things I want to do, well, lots. Things I think I would have fun doing.. I would like for next year to have at Archon a presentation for the Masq. I want to do full recreations of the White Queen for me, the Red Queen for Ali and Alice for Kegan and make a skit so it would be something other than a walk on for all the effort I will put into it. Second, I NEED to finish Anthy rose bride, make Josh into Toga and have a fun photo shoot. This will entail dropping about 15 lbs to look right. Trying to keep the house up and running. Oh finally got a computer so it should be better off now. Ready to repaint the house, I need Shana's eyes to figure out how to lay out the colors we want. Decided to go with a palate close to what was traditional for the time it was made, going to be rearranging the rooms, K is going to her big girl room upstairs, her room will become the tv room and the tv room will become an empty space for activities....
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