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New woodbaby mommy here! Gushing over them for literally years and finally I had the money to get one. Of course, you here this all the time, was at the renaissance fest and had my heart on a certain griffin and the perfect baby was the very last one waiting for me--he waited a heck of a long time!! But I have a slight problem, he's just perfect, but I am slight build and he keeps slipping off my shoulder and I am worried that he'll get damaged. Right now if he keeps slipping I just carry him around in the crook of my arm, but that crushes his wings(not to mention the dye from his fur rubs into my white sweater) Someone at the booth told me that the site has a saddle that works well, but the link is broken. Do any of you other wood baby parents use one? can you take pictures so I know how it works? How much do I need to save up for one? Any help appreciated! I want to carry him with me everywhere he so fun!
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