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yay for me

I can't believe my eyes, I get TWO two days off in a row this month, YAY!!!

Also, since as far back as I can remember, I cannot remember having anyone sew me anything, so I am really geeking out about the ensemble that Alex has created for me. I've done dozens of things for others and hundreds of stuff for myself, but to have someone go through the trouble for me is wonderful. I promise I won't get too hooked on it. But Shuurei is almost finished, just need to finish some fitting stuff around the neck, make the head piece(es) and do the small embroideries and beading stuff. We're using a bit of the manga and anime for reference, mainly the anime since it's the best known gown, and in the manga she changes gowns in every chapter.

close up, I am still not happy with the collar, but it's being a pain to get the same curved edges and stuff....

sorry about the blurriness...

This is what it's supposed to look like when finished.... Not too far off IMHO ^_^

Giftmas was pretty good, I got the one thing I really wanted, a new pair of Ginghers, which ironically I missed place on New Years Eve, hahhahahaha..... I got a really neat vintage sewing book as well, some nice yarn(really getting a huge collection of yarn here)a wonderful soft and warm robe and a heavy duty nifty tote bag monogrammed. I got a few knick knacks too, but very appreciated.

A lot of little stuff has been happening, but I don't feel like doing a detailed report on it. I did get ambitious and cleaned my sewing space and put in a new set of shelves that had been lying dormant in my closet. It doesn't really make my area look neater to me, but now everything is at least not on the floor or piled in a box on the floor. I really need to finish and go through everything and take inventory of it all.

Spent yesterday in China Town, I've lived soooo close to it for a few years but never did anything other that go eat at a few places, but Alex and I went to a kitchy shop and found of all things zori for our kimonos and a few pieces for the Shuurei costume. Found a bunch of neat cloisonnes beads and fun stuff in general that when I have the money I'll go and get, like a cute little tea set and a sake set.
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