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I am bored. I just finished reading Little House on the Prairie. I just realized that either I had forgotten the whole entirety of the book, or I never read it. If I never read it, I apologize Kylie!!!!! I didn't mean to make you do all the work for that project!! I honestly thought up until last night that I had read all of the book--I know I didn't read the series, I was too hooked on the Three Investigators to read anything else for a long long time. The for some weird reason I started reading a bad series of horror baby sitting books where the babysitter would be attacked by the dad of the kid she was watching. I don't know why my mom kept giving me these to read but i remember her picking them up cheaply from stores. i guess she thought it'd be better than RLstien.
I am fighting with Andrew about reading the Goblet of Fire. In know I read part of it when it first came out, but I don't remember it at all. Karen borrowed it last week for me and forgot where she put it until yesterday right before I left to pick Andrew up from work. As a treat I let him have first grabs at reading it--he'll read it faster than me. Which is why I am reading Little House on the Prairie, so I don't read over his shoulder.
I am surprised, ANdrew was so against Harry Potter for so long and then something in him this summer snapped and he got really into them. I don't know why either, just desperate for reading material at this point I think. I keep forgetting the man reads 600 words a minute. At least he did in high school. I wish I could type that fast. My ex in high school had a grandma that typed so fast she could make the old fashion type writers type two letters in the same place because she went faster than the machine.
there is a new tv show starting next tuesday that is looking to be promising on wb. I hope it is going to live up to the commercials. I know the whole purpose of ads are to make the show look better than what it really is, so I am not holding my breath.
well i gotta check in on cam now.
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