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Sleepy Time!!!

In a Past Life...

You Were: An Albino Philosopher.

Where You Lived: Boliva.

How You Died: Suicide.

Alright, so I am just goofing around while Cameron is taking a nap!!!!! Yeah!!! He's actually taking a nap!
So my day thus far as the first day of stay at home with cameron
got up, got dressed-me and cam, sorta. Andrew was ready to go half an hour before necessary so I fought traffic to go to Jiffy Lube- I really needed to get the oil changed.
dropped Andrew off at work after battling downtown arch traffic. Funny, only trouble getting there, none leaving. St louis drivers think if you put on a turn signal it means to pass you or sit in blind spots.... grrr. I am nervous about picking andrew up without him to tell me that the lane is clear.
I had breakfast, cameron refused to eat anything but an orange. then we played a little bit while I typed up flyers for corset stuff. then we went for a walk to the park. I ran him around til I couldn't stand further. Then we tried to walk home. I think the old lady watching us thought I was crazy. It's my fault not taking the stroller, but I am trying to get him to walk on his own to tire him out. I carried him about a block before I set him down and tried to get him to go on his own. he just sat down and fussed at me, so I walked on,thinking he'd run and catch up if he thought I'd left him. a little old lady watering her lawn said I needed to go a little further ahead... the whole thing was humourous. He was at one end of the block and I was at the other before I just gave up and came back to him. I talked to the old lady for awhile . She's had four kids and 11 grandchildren and she said usually that worked for her to motivate them a long. we laughed because as soon as we weren't paying attention directly and talking directly at cam he wandred right on off and I had to chase him. Again when I was making him walk home, he just sat right down and fussed at me. I finally gave in and carried him home. ugh.he's heavy!
we had lunch. I gave him a small sandwich, which he insisted to be cut into fours, it was just a bite after that. I'm trying to cut down how much he eats during the day so he'll eat dinner. While I was doing stuff he got out more sandwhich fixings and tried to make another sandwich. I finished making it and gaveit to him, but he only ate half of it.
So I have missed the first weekend of ren fest. I am really torn about it honestly. I want to be there, but I lack motivation to be there. I think it may be good for me to skip a year anyway. This thursday is the SCA court meeting. I have been "invited" to come by a local member. There is no penalty for coming as high class, as I had feared. Just come in what you can, so I am told. Court just means this meeting you are expected to dress in your finer stuff. I am really looking foward to this. I want to make some new "garb" but I don't have the time/money for the fabric I want to use, and I wantto see what everyone else is doing too.
now I get to do laundry and prewash some new fabric before--too late, cam just woke up!
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