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Monday, August 26th, 2013
10:09p - So that's how it works...
I'll be frank. Today just sucked. It's my last day of vacation. I took off part of last week, too. I spent Thursday cleaning house, seriously I washed eight or more loads and folded them and put them away. In between laundry was sweeping mopping and what else needed to be done but no sewing got done. I planned for sewing on Friday. Friday came and drove Kay to school only to find no daycare at that facility on friday. So I drove her to the Monsanto YMCA and they were not prepared to take her, either. After about two hours on the phone we found she would not be cared for there use she wasl under expelsion. So I lost my sewing day. Then today, my last day of vacation, also a set sewing day, I got two calls from the nurses' office asking me to pick up Kay because she had bug bites. But the nurse believed it was hand foot mouth disease and mafe me take her to the clinic. Not only was i laughed out of the clinic, they wouldn't write me a note to get in school. They took my insurance though. Grrrowl. So i went to urgent care and while the Dr. did laugh, he did fufil my paperwork to get her into class. I spoke to the principle about the nurse "calling wolf" but the principle stood by her staff and said that she was acting for the safety of the school. I pointed out in the handbook a child must have a fever to be removed and that I lost four hours of work plus the medical fees to go to the clinics. I was basically ignored and asked if the nurse specifcally told me or said she suspected the illness. When I tried to explain I have sensitive skinsensitive skin that my daughter has inherited, I was told to bring MY medical records of treatment to prove it. So disgusted. And Kaylee wasn't allowed to go to the rest of her day, even though it's a seperate company that I pay for. If this had been an isolated event, I wouldn"t have berserked about the medical thing but it's like something just didn't want me to have the time to sew.
I did manage to get a mock up of my work corset up and found I had flipped the bust cups and generally made a mess. I redrafted a few pieces and assembled it and I think I got this fitted right now. I have only the left side completed and trying to decide if I'm going to stay up late to construct the right side. I can't wait to put in boning to see if it's right.

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