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Thursday, August 7th, 2008
7:53p - New computer and stuff!
SO life has not been the regular relaxing summer days I was used to, I guess I grew up after all. Oh well.
I haven't posted in so long since my last computer was on its last legs and the lag was unbearable and such that it wasn't worth the stress it would cause to type up something, have it freeze and lose an hours' worth of ranting. Andrew tried to revive the computer's running capacity during the last month with Linux but it was such a bother that I couldn't read half the texts on my costuming sites.

So recently, I guess past six months I have been collecting kimonos and obis and all sorts of kanzashi(hair pretties)that I am totally in love with. I hope to dress up in full maiko outfit for the Japanese festival at the end of this month, I still need a few finishing touches, like working the hair out and figuring out how I will do my make-up--immortal geisha has been a huge help.
Cameron lost his first tooth which really drives home how fast he's growing up and Andrew and I have opened up the discussion of when to have a new baby, which he has decided it is when I feel comfortable with it. Speaking of such things, Cam went through evaluation last week and is so improved that he barely qualified for assistance. I think Andrew was fairly persuasive in stating that the reason he has had such success is that because of the special school programs he's been able to access was the clincher for extra support for after care and possibly for home as well.
ps my previous computer had time issues, can anyone help me reset the times to be correct?
Andrew seems tobe able to stand his job and possibly make something of it, right now he's in the office, but he hopes he'll be able to get trained for the field within the next year. Field work is definitely more up his ally for climbing buildings and such and he's doing what he can to move toward that goal so maybe he'll be with the company for a bit.

My Dad seems to be having all sorts of fun, trying to move to North Carolina, which I guess would be better than NY, but I like being able to visit NY with and excuse and purpose. I guess NC would be just as nice.

I am getting bored at work, I just feels I never accomplish anything all that much. But more on that later. I gotta get making Cam's dinner. I lost track of time here.

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