July 23rd, 2007


no reveals

I finally finished HP. A good story, I am still not so sure why this series took everyone by force as it has, but maybe it was because it's a story the whole family can get into-enough fantasy for the kids and young at heart, but enough mature material, lessons in life kind of thing for the adults. In short, I can't wait for Cam to be a little older so I can start reading him The Sorcerer 's Stone in a year or so, hopefully keep him interested in reading. For being 5, he likes books a lot and can recite his favorites by heart while flipping through the pages.

Finally got to go the knit shop and picked up some tips on knitting socks, and am hoping to start my next pair really soon.

I have just a few days to finish any costume Andrew or I am going to wear to the convention.  I have had very little contact with Ali, I asked to to come over the other day to help fill out the costume contest paperwork and she didn't. grrr  She also had told Andrew last week she was going to hang out with him and stood him up, he waited all night for her to come by and she never even called. I feel like she is avoiding me, which is pissing me off honestly. When I call her she says I have woken her up whether I call her at 10am or 10pm, so I don't know when to get a hold of her.

I ordered a pair of shoes for the outfit she is making and they finally arrived, special delivery from China. no shit! They are not the same as the ones shown in the picture http://www.goodorient.com/Golden_Selvedge__Embroidery_Floral_Shoes_P16597
and I don't know if I should complain or not about it. They fit fine and will work for what we are doing, but it ticks me off that I paid extra for these shoes from this site because the other site Ali had found didn't have the trim, but were less in price. I basically got the shoes that were less from the other site, but paid for full price-

On a side note, I hate being sick and I can't wait til the script for the antibiotics runs out.   I mean I really hate being sick.

I made Golden Snitches for the HP party on Friday, I'll post pics when I can.

All call for any pics of things I have made. Meeting with someone to review my portfolio and just realized that I don't ever seem to get any pics of the stuff I make from anyone, myself included.....
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