July 7th, 2007


Why am I awake?

Well, it's no surprise that I am awake at this hour really,
but the good news is that I have at least a wearable attempt at the peach gown Inara wears in Firefly.
Pros, for a first time drafting of the thing without it being the exact fabric and the fabric only costs a dollar, it's fitting alright.
Cons, it has some major ripping issues where the cut of the bias pieces meet up with straight of grain. ugh.
Notes to self-
take it in and make a shaped seam center front, take up the shoulder straps a good, two, maybe three inches!!! Oh and cut down the underarm scythe to compensate. Possibly figure out if the center back can be cut down another few inches. Possibly cut the straps a little narrower at the top of the shoulder too.

It also isn't full as the original to gather as full at the hem. Not a biggie for me, but I am expecting Ali to say something. As it is, I used the full width of the fabric to get the lower panels and the gown certainly doesn't suggest there is piecing in the skirt hidden within the folds.  A good pressing may take out a lot of small factors. I just wanted to get it put together to try fit and cut.

can't wait til it's done! yippee....

cd just stopped, so no more excuses for being awake.
night folks.
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