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Saturday, July 7th, 2007
2:37a - Why am I awake?
Well, it's no surprise that I am awake at this hour really,
but the good news is that I have at least a wearable attempt at the peach gown Inara wears in Firefly.
Pros, for a first time drafting of the thing without it being the exact fabric and the fabric only costs a dollar, it's fitting alright.
Cons, it has some major ripping issues where the cut of the bias pieces meet up with straight of grain. ugh.
Notes to self-
take it in and make a shaped seam center front, take up the shoulder straps a good, two, maybe three inches!!! Oh and cut down the underarm scythe to compensate. Possibly figure out if the center back can be cut down another few inches. Possibly cut the straps a little narrower at the top of the shoulder too.

It also isn't full as the original to gather as full at the hem. Not a biggie for me, but I am expecting Ali to say something. As it is, I used the full width of the fabric to get the lower panels and the gown certainly doesn't suggest there is piecing in the skirt hidden within the folds.  A good pressing may take out a lot of small factors. I just wanted to get it put together to try fit and cut.

can't wait til it's done! yippee....

cd just stopped, so no more excuses for being awake.
night folks.

current mood: awake

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