July 6th, 2007


Cherries on top!

Surprisingly good day today.

Had fun last night even though I was really silly. Got to sleep in nice and late ^_^ When I got to work, most of everything was done, all I had to do was be a pretty face and answer questions the other girls didn't know and straighten behind customers. Not too bad. We had the big boss in today and we called for an inspection, but they just passed us over like usual. Oh well, the department looked good anyway. Met some new and fun people, I can't wait to get together with new people ^_^
I just in good mood today, not much has been able to make me upset, which is a nice change.
Trying to come up with a "gimick" for burlesque. I got a few thought up and maybe a routine I'd like to try out, but I don't know how garters effect it, maybe I'll plan on not going further than garter belt and not down to a string like most girls do? Hmmmmm Well, this is the reason I want to take the classes, right?

Hemmed and hawed about taking the bus vs bike and chose bike in the end, bribing myself with bunnies. Looked for the bunny nest from earlier this week and couldn't find it, and ended up getting to the metro station at the same time as the bus so I felt good about my choice.
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Too darn hot

Random stuff out there;

<p><img src="http://bluepyramid.org/ia/wa.gif"><br>
<font face="Trebuchet MS, Tahoma, Comic Sans MS, Impact, Helvetica, Arial" size="5">
<b>You're Washington!</b><br>
<font size="3">Though you were named after some ancient and revered relative, you've
taken off on your own course and are making a new name for yourself. Water dominates
your life, surrounding you on many sides and usually from above. Though you say you
love rain, it's really that you've forgotten that there are other types of weather to
hold an opinion on. You have an amazingly eclectic interest in walls, spokes, yaks,
seats, and even the Olympics. It'll all come out in the wash.</font><br>
<font size="2" face="Times New Roman">
<b>Take the <a href="http://bluepyramid.org/ia/squiz.htm">State Quiz</a>
at the <a href="http://bluepyramid.org">Blue Pyramid</a>.</b></font></font></p>

 This man really believed he was in the old testament http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/5049082.stm

Plan on cleaning up the kitchen today, Andrew made a good start of it, but it's still in shambles. The only downfall of working full time is that all my free time is used up.
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