June 23rd, 2007


Today is almost over

Yay!!!  Betsy is happy with her dress, that is the last of the wedding dresses packed up and out of my house!!!!!!!   We did have one malfunction at the final fitting, she really likes stepping into dresses rather than slipping them over her head, so despite better judgement, I let her do it. Unfortunately, it ripped out the stitches at the bottom of the zipper, nothing that a quick hand stitch couldn't fix. We revealed it at the wedding shower and was "Ohhhhed" and "Awwweed" at by everyone there. Of course all I can see is the mistakes, the wrinkles that refuse to press out and the chalk marks that I forgot to wipe off.  The last final stitches were put in and the dress was bagged up and sent to someone's house for storage until the big day. I have been officially drafted into the bridal party to be the dress queen and to help Betsy dress and do any last minute repairs if needed.  I still feel butterflies in my tummy from waiting for something go wrong.

I gave Lysander catnip for the first time and it had no effect. He sniffed the bag and ignored the bunch I sprinkled around the floor and on his toys.  I have the feeling that he'll find it at two am and be in my face waking me up.

On a disturbing note, Cameron has a new word. "Murder" which is how he asks to watch CSI with me. I am trying to get him to refer to it as CSI, but he really likes saying this word. So I'm letting him stay up a bit more before sending him to bed to watch it with me.

it is burning up in here. We need to put in the window unit, but I don't wanna do it by myself and my downstairs neighboor has his car under  the window  while he's getting it fixed, I can just see it now. Smashed car, smashed window unit and a bunch of money owed that I can't really afford.

I'll make myself some koolaid and chill it. There should be some left for Andrew when he comes home tonight. 

Plans for the rest of the night is to do laundry since Andrew has forgotten all about it.

pics of all wedding dresses are to follow in a week or two.
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