June 21st, 2007



Silly stuff.......  I am happily tipsy! Yey! I am in the middle of a wedding party and just left to pick up some plastic wrap and decided to report on the day so far.

Just a round about great day, if you do not include the horrid stupid traffic that made a ten minute ride take twice as long, during a non busy part of the day. ugh, and no air conditioner and a window that couldn't roll down.

But got a great amount of grocery shopping done, hung out with Elizabeth and last night gored myself on gluttony, I love hot fudge brownie sundaes..... 

The wedding was so simple and pretty. really kicking myself that I haven't got a new camera yet. I would have loved to take pics of my "latest" "masterpiece" It really  did turn out well, for a six week project. Only sore spot was the rust stain that was achieved when the skirt pressed up against a railing right before pics... oh well. it was in the back and hidden in folds of fabric.

Andrew won the garter toss. I really think he should not have participated, but it's supposed to bring the relationship even more good luck. lol.......      he wore it on his head for a bit. It looked silly and I have no pics to post of it. sadness.

I am also a good quarter of the way to being really happily drunk. Sad that my tolerance has gone down so badly. I only had two glasses of wine a few of champagne and chased it down with pepsi. Well....  there are three more bottles of unopened wine to be gotten rid of, I think I can safely be a lush tonight since I only have to walk 50 feet to get home. In heels, I wonder if I can make it? I think I'll try a cartwheel.......

like I said, much silliness.
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