June 19th, 2007


the end of the tunnel?

So I know I must be crazy, but I have just decided that by the end of the next year I wanna have a full twi'leck costume. yeah, I am insane. Don't know what those are? http://www.lucasfan.com/interviews/oola4.jpg slave dancing girls with the funky dreads. moving on.....

Rest of the stuff to be made is still a mile long list, starting with a Vash the stampede jacket from TriGun. yeah, it's going to get done.*sigh*just not enough time in the day.
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I am at a weird spot with my hair. Honestly, I am happy with it. It's long, lush and managable. But I wanna dye my hair punkish like, pure black with thick chunks bleached and dyed reds and purples.  I've been wanting to do it for years....  But I got the dye sitting in the closet, I just need bleach, which is the part that scares me. It would be my luck to leave it in too long and burn chunks of my hair out. I think I'll do it for sure in.....  October, yeah, that way I can build a costume around it and have more of an excuse.

Also in the hair department, I am deciding to cut bangs. scary thought. But if I wanna ever do anime hair right, I need them done. I just worry too much. in general. But I guess I'll do it next week.

OMG One wedding dress is finished!!!!  And out the door!!!  yay! still need to make matching tossing garter, blah. Ok, and now the other one is beaded and ready to wear, but I need to finish the train that goes with it and the wrist thingy I am designing for it and a garter for that dress too. Ohh! I am so excited!!!!

I gave the cat a bath yesterday. I have the greatest and wierdest cat. He purred through the whole thing, then really loved being brushed out afterward. again, wierd. He's being adorable right now playing with a plastic bag. He loves the crinkling sound a lot.

Still need to buy a car. ugh. It's nice not paying stupid insurance stuff. I am looking a mopeds. maybe a motorcycle.....  Doug is selling his and I think it's short enough for me, but just not "family" oriented.

Cam was awesome going to bed tonight, he even willingly brushed his teeth. I love my boy so much, I just hope he knows it(I think he does)

The baby thing is getting on my nerves. I want more kids, but I am glad not to have them right now cause I don't think my ears and nerves could bear it. At work kids are screaming all the time and all I can think of is how irrsponsible the parents are being and it drives me nuts.

Watching CSI is so bad for me, I just have started revolving my life around them, timing how long to do something to an episode, and since I don't have to worry about com
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