May 19th, 2007



Got to eat fresh, home grown salad today for dinner, yum! OK, so I am still waiting on my tomatos, beans, onions and all that other good stuff.

I helped Andrew set up a wire fence to keep the bunnies from eating our stuff, They ate some things down to nubbins and killed it! Durning the unrolling phase of the fencing project I got smacked pretty hard in the face with the wire. Andrew's grip slipped and I got the worse part of it. He feels bad about it, but I lived. i just told him he owes me angioplasy. He laughed it off, but seriously, I've been hit in the nose one too many times and I am tired of it being all bent funny. I don't think I've broken it or anything, but my threshold for pain is so high that I wonder if I would notice.

I got some really pretty periwinkle blue satin to make Ali a Victorian dress with. It was only a dollar a yard, so no big thing, and who knows, I might just keep it for myself. But the intent is to make a bustled dress for Ali so she and I can dress up and walk around for fun. I figure if she is making me the anime dress, I can do this for her. 33 27

Andrew is at a party. I am home. i am getting housework done. I cannot believe that Wednesday, my last day off, I had the kitchen sparkling almost and today when I got home the sink was so full I couldn't make koolaid. So ran the dishwasher, made Cam dinner, made myself dinner and will unload clean dishes, load up dirty dishes and wiped down counters in a bit.

Finally found the remote to the DVD player so i can have my subtitles for the prestige!!!yahoo!!! I'll probably set that up to watch right after I put up dishes. I have to be at work again at 9am, ugh. So no staying up late for me and I finally found the exedrin pm and I have a new sleep aid pill that I tried the other day. So far just being tired works best for me, but that requires that I stay up late.
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