May 17th, 2007


if I only

Y' Know, with my obession with anime I really should learn Japanese so I won't get into these conflicts of non subbed episodes. So I am teaming up with the wonderful Marf and am going to start to learn fluent Japanese, I don't know how quickly this will happen, but I am giving myself a few years. I hope to augment my learning experience by watching more anime without subs and start to read manga without having it translated--marf has a selection of easy to read beginner stuff she showed me yesterday that I am looking forward to reading soon.

My latest obession has been forced to end since there is not a single group translating it right now for second season. phoo! Oh well.

I am sleepy and I think I will go to bed early tonight. But before that, I got my sewing machine fixed and it's back from the shop and I wanna see how well it works now. The lady behind the counter said how great a machine it is and that she has one like it at home. I also took a few seconds to peruse the embroidery machines. I really liked the sales lady, she has been the nicest person who I have delt with at the fix it shop so far. I also need to save up a good chunk of money to afford it. I know I am killing sales at work cause I talk people out of buying the emmbroidery machines, but I feel that I am truly staving off problems early by doing that.

I have a corset and a dress that have been in pieces for weeks now that just need to be done. I wanna wear the corset soon and the dress just needs to be trimmed and the zipper needs to be put back in since I ripped it out last night.

I have to remind myself to enroll Cam at the summer camp program ASAP!