May 1st, 2007



Ok, I really should be in bed, :-P just not really all that ready for bed.

I need to get someone to do a photo shoot with me, Andrew sucks with cameras, and possibly help photo shop them to be really pretty. I got the photo shop, but silviar just introduced me to a new and exciting software? program that touches up photos and I wanna give it a try too.

Ideas for the photo shoot,

My miko temple dress

My black awesome Victorian dress, just waiting on a hat for it- I'll make one eventually

Possibly I'll be able to get the Rose Bride dress done by Halloween along with the uniform

I want to finish Inara's peach gown, still in pieces, ugh.

I want to finish the train job dress, still no mock up yet.

want photos of my fair dress and court dress(must fix sleeves first)

and I wanna make the pretty taffeta dress i have got the fabric for.