April 26th, 2007



So I did laundry like I planned, but I am not sure how this happened that all my stuff is now tinted a shade of pink. I know what the culprit is, it's a piece of fabric from my textile design class that I used as a hair wrap. But how it got into my laundry I am not sure. So now I have a lot of pink underwear, not white. I have an odd grey/pinkish sleeping shirt, the shirtwith my fairy iron on transfer on was once was white, then light blue and now it is purple. I am still not sure how my peach slip made from Nylon/Polyester(and to my knowledge, undyable)is bright pink, funny, the lace is still a tan color. The shirt that was baby/petal pink before is now a bright pink.
I hate doing laundry. There was a time that if I needed a dress to wear for something, instead of washing my clothes, I'd buy fabric and make a new dress, alas, I have no time for that now, or closet room for that matter.