April 25th, 2007



Ok so today I just have myself to blame if my laundry isn't done when I leave for work.

I have been catching up on my web comics, and was very surprised with myself to see I had not read Order of the stick for nearly two weeks! And then, then Rich went and killed Roy! http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0443.html# I can't believe it! ack! So now I'll have to read Friday's update to see if he just goes to meet his dad, or if the group defeats the bad guy, or the bad guy wins and the crew buys him back to life or something.

I am doing my best to wake up and not crawl back into bed. I think I'll make some coffee. Lately, even at work, I have noticed that even if I don't drink the coffee, the very act of brewing a pot of it tends to tell my brain that it's time to start working. Yes, there have been many times in the past few months where I'll even pour myself a cup of coffee and never even drink it.
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Ok, so I dunno how much of these links will work, but here are pics from Anime, Show Me Con St. Louis

Ali and Me and Utena and Anthy, dig the hair!

Karen and Me as Kagome and Kikyo, and again, I love my hair!

Karen as Kagome and two, count them, two InuYashas! I dunno the names of them, sorry. She did start out with, 5?

Group pic of InuYasha, who so Kindly accepted me into their family.

Better group pic

And the costume that single handly won about every catagory in the Masq
http://www.flickr.com/photos/7960950@N04/470740402/ CUTE!!!! and the girl under there is too! When I was dressed as Anthy she kept glomping me cause Anthy is her fave character apparently. she was cuddly soft too!

and for a taste of what else was there,
Zelda characters, there was a whole crew of them, but this is the only pic I can find.

Will the real Ed Elric please stand up?
the whole crew of FMA

And the Bleach people
who kept trying to hit me on the head with swords to send "Kikyo" back to being dead.

There are pics that I know were taken that are not on this site, so I hope to find them one day, there was four Miroku who posed together that I would have liked to see the pic.
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