April 21st, 2007



Woot for me!!!!
So I am teribly crazy and after completing the Anthy Table clothe dress a little after noon today, around 2ish I decided I wanted a second costume I would feel less vunerable in....hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah

SO what did I do??? I started a Maiko outfit!!!!! I finished the kimono top pretty quickly once I stopped making stupid mistakes, like sewing the sleeves together, and then hopped on the internet to find quick how to's on hakama, because like an idiot, I misplaced my copy of real patterns for the darn things. Well, If I may say so myself, I am one hawte shinto temple chick!! ANd I actually got it all done really by Midnight, had time for a romantic stroll with hubby, an awful dinner at a sushi restraunt, a binge at Jo-Ann's and some down time to watch three episodes of Cowboy Bebop.

I am now packing and having some fun, but I am having a hard time finding my tabi socks to complete this outfit, grrr!!! I'll just go without. :-( I do have kick ass zori, so it will do.

I also cannot find my camera!!!! ACK!!!! I still need to buy a battery for it, so I guess I'll live without my camera- I am not good at remembering to take pics anyway.... growl....

Things to do still is run by the bank and get money for spending. If I limit myself to X amount I will be more than likely not to spend all said amount. And if I am tempted by anything, it will be something really good.
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