April 6th, 2007


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Your Dosha is Pitta

You have a quick mind, a gift for persuasion, and a sharp sense of humor.
You have both the drive and people skills to be a very successful leader.
Argumentative and a bit stubborn, you have been known to be a little too set in your ways.
But while you may be biased toward your own point of view, you are always honest, fair, and ethical.

With friends: You are outgoing and open to anyone who might want to talk to you

In love: You are picky but passionate

To achieve more balance: Be less judgmental of those around you, and take cool walks in the moonlight.

:;Yawn:: I should really be ready to fall flat on my face, but thanks again to my good old friend insomnia, I am wide awake.

The other day walking home I found a HUGE cool looking caterpillar. What did I do you ask? I brought him home and stuck him in a jar with some grass. He is truly neat looking. He's got long spikey black hairs all over him and his body is black and has orangey red stripes. I was going to let him go, but suddenly the weather got real cold and I am worried that he will freeze out there. Yeah, I know, mother nature will take care of him and he would do better off out there, but I don't think I'm doing him any harm. He's eating well and doing alright.
In other news I can afford a car now. I got a mega paycheck, I still don't understand how it happened, with a bit of overtime on it. Just enough to tip me over the edge to secure the car, license fees(which I really hope I can avoid since I still have the old tags from my other car and they're good for another year and a half)and possibly a month of insurance.
Bad things about this cold snap we're having is that it's making me hungary and I have the constant munchie craving all day long. I am doing well ignoring it, but still bothers me that I feel hungry, but I know I shouldn't be.

I got like a hundred different things going on it my head for new costumes, it's driving me bonkers! I still gotta work on Andrew's Vash duster and what ever needs to be done to go with it. Now he wants to do the paint work on his body so he can strip on stage. Vash has huge rips and scar in his skin all over and I am worried that the paint will smudge badly under a shirt. Worse, he has that grid of metal over one breast and I have little clue how to make that. Oh well. I'll come up with something.
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