April 2nd, 2007


Fun stuff

This weekend was a blast! I had had a very hard time in the past trying to find like minded people in the sewing field, people to grow with and learn with and learn from. I have finally found the group of people that I feel that I have been looking for. It doesn't help that most of them seem to be from the far ends of the world, but a good chunk apparently live down the street. LOL!!!!

I really had such a wonderful time that I have no idea what I would have done if I had missed Costume Con this weekend. A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to solan_t for posting about it. Honestly, there was really little posted about the con around town. I dunno if I wasnt't looking hard, but all the fabric stores I frequent had nothing displayed about the con and I would have gone bliythly on with life never knowing about it if solan_t had not been keeping such a wonderful journal about her costume for the event. Of course, I never even realized what she was doing it for until about six months ago, Insert here head to desk. It never even occurred to me that there WERE others like me out there and finding them makes me happy.

I am dead tired from the experience just cause it was constant on the go action because I didn't want to miss a thing. I don't have the time to write everything down now cause I gotta get to work, but highlights-

-I had to repack everything twice cause I couldn't find a bag big enough, a pic of the body bag will come soon.
-Cam had no school on Friday(completely forgot this and no one told Andrew to tell to me) so I missed the first day and missed check in and missed a good chunk of social night.
-Found that most of my friends who I was staying with didn't have something sewn so I spent quality time catching up and talking while pinning and fitting. Still amazes me we got it all put together in time for curtain.
-I entered my halloween dress in the historical last minute. Unfortunately, I didn't know you needed documentation- so I spent an hour in the computer lab going through archives of fave pics and pulling an essay out of my arse-it was highschool all over again!
-walked into a historic lecture just in time to hear the teacher say, "well, I couldn't find a bustle in my collection availible to bring to day, so I'll just have to describe it best I can..."LMAO I just shouted, "Give me a moment, I have two in my room!" I think she was shocked about the two part, but I was really kinda surprised that most of the gals who did Victorian didn't have bustles, just pettis.
-I was mistaken for an Inara cosplayer three seperate occassions, in wench, bustle and 50's dresses. I have been asked to come to a con in Minnesota for a Firefly group to be Inara.
-oh yeah.... I won a couple things.
ok gotta go now. I'll hopefully have pics up soon.
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