March 27th, 2007



So I am packing for costume con. I have been miserable with sinus issues-- sneezing, slightly sore throat, all that jazz. Not really wanting to do much, but damnit! I want new and pretty stuff. Stupid me, I forget that most people never get to see my things and that they are all new to them(even me really) So I came up with the idea of building a whole new wardrobe for the weekend. Ugh. It's alot of work and my mind keeps wandering to everything else possible-dishes, TV, books... even laundry or non-costume related sewing.

I finally realized I am down to the crunch and started to pull from my closet what I have done. Ali helped me by taking out my bad sleeeves to help me fix them-they were cutting off circulation. With her wonderful help it is all fixed and ready to be sewn into the arm scythe again and what happens at midnight while we are doing this? My machine's timing went out. I pretty much freaked, shut down emotionally and physically and stuffed it all away and almost decided not to go to the con.
When I got home tonight(after arranging to have Karen drop by with a new machine to borrow) Ali was there sewing in the sleeves. omg! She has done so much-by her standards she has done little, but she just really helped so much by taking on that responsibility of fixing it. She also brought me pretty lace to edge the sleeves in for a more romantic look. Tomorrow I will try to fix this and have it ready to pack.

I also still need to try to draft this new dress for the ball.....

I still feel like a walking wreck.
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