March 20th, 2007



I plan on going fabric shopping today, yay! I have a good chunck of money saved up for the occassion and I know what I want to do, but I am still hemming and hawing on whether I have time to make any of this up for next weekend. ack.
I have the fabric to make Inara's peach gown, but I am holding off cause the one she wore in the show is an antique. I have found a source locally that sells antique clothes and I did browse through the rack. There were several garments right in color, but not close enough in cut. I plan on going there one more time to see if I can find it. Otherwise, I build it. I'll cheat and put in a zipper down the back, rather than cut the whole thing on the bias. The fabric I have isn't quite right either, it's peachskin and the original is charmeuse, but for a $1/yard, I'll treat it like a mock up.
The second gown I want it the dress she wears in the train job to rescue Mal and Zoe. *drool* I know exactly what fabric I need, can I afford it? probably not. I have an idea of what pattern to use, again I need a mock up for fit.... Do I have time, probably not.
The last gown I wanna make up is for the masq. I'd love to build a new Victorian bustle evening gown. I have the fabric picked out, the bustle done, I wanna make a new corset that fits better(the eternal quest for the perfect corset) and I have to decide what style and pattern to do still... LOL!

remind me to buy a whole bolt of bleached muslim, I need more petticoats, chemises and bloomers.
Now to see if there are coupons availible.
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