March 19th, 2007



Andrew turned off the heat a few days ago, this sucks cause I am always freezing already, but now I cannot sleep at night I am shivering so much and I am exhuasted in the mornings. We have pulled out every blanket now and put it on our bed. Andrew sleeps fine, he tends to steal the covers. But I think I am going to ask him to let me have the heat put back on. It will be a big ordeal cause he won't know how to turn on the pilot light for the furnace and we'll have to call someone. I knew how to to it in the place I grew up, but I am not sure where to look for it on the one we have now.
I don't blame Andrew one bit for turning it off. The gas bill was over $300 a month since Thanksgiving, which was really harsh when we didn't have the money to pay. During the summer ot is only about $60, I can't believe it takes so much to heat such a little place. I think there maybe another leak in the pipe again. ugh, that was not fun. I don't wanna go through that again.

It's my day off, yey! and I am doing very little. My body must have needed more sleep than I realized cause I got up, got dressed, got Cam to school and came back in, crawled into pjs again and barely layed my head down and when the cat woke me up it was 12:30.
Speaking of Cat! I was freaking out when I heard about the pet food recall, it really didn't hit home until I went to work and in the back room several dozen carts were filled with pet food and I realized that these were going back to the company. Of course I feel Lysander wet food twice a week, so I rushed home and found out if what I have been feeding him could make him sick and found out to my relief that his brand of food isn't on the recall lists. yay.

I gotta get stuff together for b-day cards and stuff to go into the mail, blah.

I had really good fried chicken last night and some excellent company to share it with.
Aeri is still calling Andrew "monkey" which I think is so cute, but it bugs Andrew a bit, only cause Cameron is immitating her and calling him monkey too. At least it's better than what she calls me, which is "That." I want to play with "That" or I want "That" to hold me. She is just the cutist little thing and she gives Cam a run for his money on screaming fits LOL. I do plan on making her a slew of skirts and dresses when the weather get warmer. She is so small a yard of fabric will do it, so I can get nicer fabric to make her nicer dresses without costing so much.
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