March 17th, 2007

punk cat girl

Living in America, or Can't Sleep Tonight

Why I ask, why? I went to bed at a reasonable hour, mindnightish, had an hour of sleep ruined by strange nightmares of eating whole bolts of fabric and was woken up by feeling sick to my stomache. Andrew was playing World of Warcraft 3 and that was an OK decimal of noise, but I was freezing my butt off and got out of bed to put on socks, asked him to come to bed soon. He found a suitable spot to save his game and came to bed. Then the neighboors got home.
Now ordinarly, they are really nice guys who live pretty quietly and give us no grief. In fact, there has only been one instance I can recall in the past year where they kept us up. One of them works as a bartender on Friday nights so he probably got in around 2am. I dunno about the other one, but they had people over and started playing music. I guess Andrew is able to sleep through this but it definately had me wide awake. Between the talking and laughing and music I was tossing and turning. Have I mentioned I have the best cat in the world? I had Andrew on one side of me keeping me warmed like he said he would and the cat on the other side of me keeping me extra toasty(usually this is what I need to fall asleep)and for once not purring so loud to wake Andrew up.
I asked Andrew if he was able to sleep through the music, I guess he can. I don't feel all that comfortable knocking on the door in my pjs when they are obviously drunk,don't feel quite right knocking on the door dressed while they are drunk really, so I figured I'd give them a few more minutes to see if they would quiet down. This is after all a Friday night. In a college section of town. During spring break. I can't really fault them here, except I seem to be the only person who cannot sleep. Even Cameron is able to sleep through this. Why can't I??? Finally salvation at 3am! Ben from next door knocked on the door to ask them to turn the music off or down, what ever it was, they turned it off completely! But then they went outside.
My bedroom window is above the garage, they decided 4am is the perfect time to revve the engine on the motorcycles, telling whom ever they were entertaining all about the carborator and intake valves. Then it sounded like they just left it running and came in the house again for a few minutes. This time Lisa, Ben's wife, came over and knocked on the door and asked them to respect the time. I think Doug gave her some lip about how it was a normal morning time but Anatoli turned the bike off.
Now they are inside the house, talking loudly. I can't hear it as badly while typing, but then again I am not laying in bed hearing every little creek. I can still feel through the floors and walls when they walk around, but that isn't exactly their fault.
I'd love to pop an Ambien right now and see if it would help, but I need a good 10 hours of sleep for that, and I don't want to sleep til noon today(?) since I have to be at work at 2pm.
so here I am, no sleep, cold but I have a happy kitty who is warm on my lap and purring.
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