March 16th, 2007



I finished the dress that has been half done for the past six weeks... I bought the fabric the last week of working at Hancock and on looking at the repceit found that I had been charged the wrong price and wavered on whether to return the fabric...

But for the first time in a long time my automatic button hole function did not flake out on me and let me do all the button holes with ease. I feel that the other shoe is going to drop any second....::looks around suspciously:: It turned out much longer than I thought it would. I had lengthened the bodice part a few inches so it fell at my navel, not my lower rib, which I think will work nicely, but then I decided to add a few inches to the skirt too in a pretty ruffle. Normally the style of dress is just below my knees. This one is almost to my ankles. The fabric is saturated in color. It is the brightest, intense color I have in my wardrobe. I have a few doubts about it, but I'll wear it cause it fits well.

I have a second dress to make up in pretty blue flowers. I am using a McCalls for it and I will post pics I guess when I finish it. I also have planned to make a new corset. I really wanna retry making that TV pattern in a size that will flatter me more.

This is also the last day of my break and I still haven't worked on any new dress for CC. I feel a bit bad about this. I still need to alter a few of the dresses I plan on packing so they are more comfortable.

I helped Andrew pay the bills and ended up paying for a student loan. He was trying to be nice by giving me the least expensive bills, but I'd rather pay for one that is a utility.. oh well.
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Cause this would suck....

This was just posted on another costumers board...I can't imagine how upset I would be if I had lost all my costumes Evil or Very Mad

Thought this might be worth forwarding. It's a long shot, but stranger
things have happened.

On February 8th, 2007, my husband flew through Philadelphia on USAirwayson his way to meet me in Italy for Carnevale. The suitcase containing thehistoric costumes we were planning on wearing for Carnevale never made itand has vanished from the realms of human knowledge. (Yes, we had ournames and contact info inside the suitcase.) One week later our friendflew through Philadelphia on US Airways and the suitcase containing hercostume also disappeared.

We've since learned that US Airways has the worst lost luggage stats (10
in 1000) of any airline in the US and their Philadelphia operation has a
lost-luggage rate about four times the airline's as a whole. The US
Department of Transportation reports that 42% of all baggage-related
complaints it receives involve US Airways.

On the chance that our stuff ends up on ebay, etc. for whatever reason,
we've set up a website with photos of the missing costumes and notice of a
reward for information leading to their return.

Please pass this along to mailing lists, boards, and anyone you know in
the costuming, living history, theatrical, etc. communities who could help
us keep an eye out. Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Kirsti Thomas

Hide and Seek

Just finished playing Hide and Seek with Cameron! It was fun. He had made himself a fort out of luandry baskets and blankets and I'd count to 10 and find him. Finally he caught on that I knew he was in there... SO instead he would hide where I hid previously. It was kinda funny to hear him count and look for me cause I could tell where he was. The dialoge- "Where are you? Are you here? Nope, not here." repeat ad nauseum until found. He cheats too. He covers his eyes, but peeps through his fingers and when I catch him doing it I make him start over. Also, he goes real nice and slow in counting until he gets to number 7 and then speeds up so I have little time. I end up making a racket trying to scramble to hide before he stops and he can tell where I've gone.

His use of words, actual, understandable words, has increased a thousand fold in the past six months and it just takes me a second everytime I hear a new one. I was kinda worried last night, though. He still gets "Mom" and "Dad" confused, either by referring to Andrew as "Mom" or me as "Dad" or sometimes we are both "Dad". We were playing catch with the ball and it kept happening and we kept correcting him and spent a good three minutes going through saying "I'm Mom." "I'm Dad." "You are Cameron." and then he started calling me Cameron....

He is into colors right now. He takes every opportunity to show us he knows, red, blue, green, yellow(which sometimes is really white)purple and he is confused about orange(it's both red and yellow, which blows his mind)

And now we're onto the third shirt of the day, yay... ::grumbles:: and looks like he wants new pants too... I dunno what he spilt either.
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I am irritated by a little box that keeps popping up saying I am running out of space. The techno phobe that I am means I am not sure what it is saying, but I got real bored an hour ago and cleaned out my digital camera pics stored on my computer. Wowee! Some of those are from Cam's b-day!!! so I deleted quite a bit of rubbish from what ever the pics were stored on. Most were people I didn't know from parties that wanted pics taken of themselves, but a LOT of them were too dark to see well or the picture was scrambled badly so all of those went. I also flushed out a new icon for me! weee!

I am almost done with this blue and white dress, but as soon as I sit down to work on it, Cam does something to make me leave it. arg! but he won't bug me as much over in the corner on the computer.

I am proud of myself! I think I just got the perfect layout for a sewing space. I have my portable ironing board on the end of the dining room table, the sewing machine next to it and then the last third of the table if clear(omgoodness?!) for pattern pieces and laying out the fabric. I don't have room set up for the serger, but it is in the middle of my real sewing table. I plan on tearing everything out of my corner over there and seeing if i can recreate the same feel from the dining room table... I have also decided that my fabric stores can be pried from my eyes and put into large storage bins and placed in the basement. I'll probably do that this coming week. I have two spare empty things already and one filled to the brim. Maybe I'll also get to fixing the curtain up to the storage cabinet to hide the overflow of stuff there.
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