March 15th, 2007



Not enough money (or time)!!!

I just realized how close the anime convention really is. Bummer thing is that I'll be really cutting the edge to get approved time off to go to it. I still haven't gotten true approval of taking the weekend off for Costume Con and I've already paid for it, eek! It says in the system at work that I've put it in and tenatively approved the time, but the final say is by the person who will do the schedueling. And it's a new guy so who knows what will happen.

Today is the cut off for the good prices for tickets. I'll be honest, it's a really small convention so I don't know what it will be like, but the whole bishonin date thing is intriging. Then again, it all depends on who shows up as what and how they look. For full info,

As a kind of neat thing, they have the guy who voice acts Ed from Full Metal Alchemist, and he has also done a voice from Trinity Blood, too.

I am actually doing laundry! Yey! I have been trying to get motivated to do laundry this whole week and now I have officially done a load. That is the hard part for me, getting started. I hate going down and carrying stuff down the stairs. I have what I think will be another three loads of Cam stuff, and three small loads of my stuff.

Also, note to self- go to Old Navy and look for khaki pants.
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