March 7th, 2007



I had a good time today, I successfully threw an anime party! Ok, so, it was only three people, and we all were two hours late, but it happened! We even ordered pizza, I made brownies with frosting(yum!) and watched some new shows. I started without people with Hellsing--which I am kinda getting addicted to, mostly for Alucard's voice- I am in love with the voice of Touga Kiryuu from Utena and I am hunting the voice actor down in all shows. I hate that the majority of the people I feel the closest to are all Aquariouses. It sucks buying b-day presents all right after Yule. Where am I going with this you may ask, well, the answer is that the voice actor that makes me melt with a single word is born Feb 9, the day after Andrew's b-day. Cosmic forces at it again.

I was introduced to a new, and predictable?odd? anime called Bastard. set in medival times really off the wall, and well, a train wreck. It's like rubber necking past a car accident bad. You don't really wanna get too involved, but it's fun to make fun of and you just gotta find out what will happen next.
Then I introduced Trigun to my friend, mwhahahahah! I was shocked that he had never seen any more of it other than the overview episode, which doesn't do it justice. He was amazed that it was funny and I think he liked the Vash character quickly, even if he's odd. I am also really surprised that he had not seen any Cowboy Bebop, which I'll show him next week. For s&g I showed him Tainted Donuts and Trigun AMV set to Kid Rocks'Cowboy. He liked it I think. well tired now.
I have a warm fluffy kitty on my lap and I think it's a sign of time to go to bed.
I will have wonderful dreams of Touga being a vampire now.... geesh, I can just see it now, and AMV with Interview with a Vampire TV ad and clips of Utena....
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