February 26th, 2007



Cameron was sick last night with a stomach thing. He easily went back to bed, I called into work sick at five this morning, planning on when Andrew got home to go on it and finish the remainder of my shift.

But I couldn't get back to sleep and kept having stomach cramps. Finally, once everyone was up and going I just admitted defeat and accepted that Cameron has passed on to me whatever woke him up. I hate being sick like this. I couldn't move for the first few hours and was in just agony if I moved wrong. Thankfully Cam was wonderful and played with trains and blocks and read books. I managed to get some stuff done around the house(not like you can tell now, but I did sweep a good portion of the floor and take care of dirty dishes) This afternoon I managed to feel well enough to sit up on the couch and watch a movie with Cam, but he kept jumping on me and made me sick again and back to bed I went.

I feel like I should be starving, I did manage a poptart and a slice of bread and a gulp of juice, but anything more makes me sick to think about. I haven't even thought about taking my temp yet, but I think I'll take an aspirin now cause my head is killing me.

I am still amaized how quickly I can go from feeling fine to can't move.
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