February 24th, 2007



what a day..... Just lots of little stuff going on, my lunch got knocked into my lap and my skirt was damp for a little while. eww the feeling of the wet cloth sticking to my legs just felt nasty and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Work was pretty easy today, got everything done. Got more than enough done! All freight was worked but one box, and it can wait until I can make room for it. I also got alot of understock moved out.

I helped a lady with some cake deco stuff and now I am in the mood to make a cake, but I think I'll pass cause of time restraints.

I've been stressing hugely about tomorrow's game. I have sat down and penned everything out and all stats, but I am still worried I'll screw up. Marf is all cool about it, Justin has said that I can always fudge some stuff and no one will know and Andrew has been a constant rock telling me I can ask him during the game if I have a rule question. Ali has been unavailible for comment as she was on vacation. My stomache hurts to think about it. I alse feel I have been given undeserved stress levels by my own perfectionist standards and tense party relations. Why does everything always want to explode in my face when things go bad?

On the plus note, I missed all the rain on my way to work and one of the guys who I work with got off at the same time as me and gave me a lift home during the down pour. He and I went through the first enrollement stuff together and have been hanging out on breaks. He's young, only 19, but he's sweet and not all into himself like most guys I know at that age. I invited him up for dinner and to meet Andrew, but he wanted to go home-don't blame him there!But he took a raincheck on the event.

Sleep sounds really good right now. I am freezing and being in between the covers of a warm bed will do my nerves a world of good. Maybe i can beat these sniffles and annoying cough that have popped up the past few days. Aw shucks! I forgot NyQuil...arg!
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