February 11th, 2007


what a night!

I can't remember my last full recap of what is going on. grrr

However, I did go out and buy a little fat note book to keep in my purse to use as a journal for everyday musings. it's fun and I can tell that I am going to fill it up pretty quickly.

I feel very mixed emotions right now. I cannot believe that I am appearing as attractive as I am to people, but I have been hit on/asked out now about five times in the past two days!!! Seriously, why was it that in high school I was never asked out? I even went on my knees asking a guy out once and one other guy I asked out every year to no avail, alas::sighs::

I am not sure what it is about Martigra, but people are really getting into it around here; decorating houses and participating in DOG parades. Yep, people are dressing up dogs for a parade tomorrow. I think it is silly, but people are doing it.

I have become good friends with the security guards at the metro stops. On one hand, they look out for me-partly it's their job, but Frank usally sets his clock for my appearence, it signals that he has X amount of time before he gets to go home. I was both flattered and happy that he was worried when I showed up a few minutes late last night. I was also saddened that he wasn't there tonight like he said he was going to be. He also has one of the shittiest patrols ever. It's not dangerous, but there is not protection from the weather, unlike several other stations that have guard rooms for them to stay warm and dry in.

Josh is the guard at the station I pass through in the morning. Because of later hours I work I haven't seen him and he said he'd miss seeing me when we met up again yesterday morning. Oh I personally held up the metrolink system a few extra seconds by holding the train for someone else to get on. Woohhoo!

I made a cake for Andrew's B-day. It didn't last long at all. I did get a pic of it and of Andrew during the day, which I'll get around to posting soon. Andrew's bday was just kinda weird. We overslept(much needed sleep) Andrew just called in sick, called in Cam sick and I had the day off. I got up and started to go out the door to get my paycheck when Ali called and said, "Hey, wanna go to the mall?" I told her about needing to go to the bank and work and she offered to drive me. It made things so much easier, thank you Ali!! But the best part was the mall!!! OH I had sooo much fun being so girly. I just wish I wasn't dressed all grunge cause I thought I was going to have to walk all over town to get my check. I am sure the dept store sales clerks had a hard time taking me seriously in anything. But the shoes were fun to try on and the dresses were pretty and the sushi was tasty!

When everyone got to the house for Andrew's party Ali and I were pretty cemented in place watching SM. I am so addicted to it and I have her caught now!!! ahhahahahahaha!!! I plan on watching it all again with her from the begining, well, maybe from episode 15 where they meet Mars. There it is interesting, before that, not so much.

Tonight I had a surprise waiting for me, the order I made for Andrew's present. I got him Vash the Stampede glasses that will go along with the Vash red coat I will eventually get around to making. They fit him nicely and look like the anime ones, but I think the anime ones have silver frames and these are golden, but eh, what the hey. He likes them and they fit. More than I would have liked to pay, but I couldn't find them elsewhere.

Also tonight was David Jay, SHelly and the City Museum. Wow lots of fun and I feel like I should be dead tired since I only got two hours of sleep last night, but I am buzzed like crazy. I jumped all over, swung on ropes, ran around in a big sphere, crawled through concrete tunnels, across rope nets and through plastic pipes suspended from the ceiling. Fun part was that Cameron had a blast too, last time he freaked about walking across floor grates that were high up and just froze. Honestly, I have a hard time not freezing when walking across them too, but it was harder having to carry him and make myself move too.

wow, I have just been slammed by a wave of dizziness. I guess the lack of sleep has hit me finally. Man too bad, I was hoping to watch the last two episodes of SM before bed. Yep, that's right, I have watched all but two episodes now. And it is killing me cause I am in the middle of the last epic battle and I desperately want to finish it. I figure after this I'll watch all five movies and then start onto Daria. I have fourth season and fifth season of Daria to watch and then InuYasha, I'll have to back track a bit to figure out where I left off of that one.
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I am starting to hyper ventilate! I just realized I have few a few precious days before Costume Con and I haven't decided what to wear!!! Ahhhh!! It's not like I don't have a closet full of costumes that I haven't even worn yet, I guess I'll start by whipping up a new corset and make a new skirt pattern for my new trained bustle....

On my list of things in the closet that just need finishing touches

1) pink bustled day dress, has two different bodices, one for day outer wear and one for evening wear-- pretty much finished.

2) black and purple dress-- needs the collar put in, needes the right(?) arm loosened. Also needs little things, like hat or jewelry...

3)My assembled RF wear. needs new boots.

4) I have the fabric to make one of Inara's dresses, I just need to sit down and make it.

5) my poodle skirts/ 50's dresses. I really just need shoes that look good and are comfy. i got hats and gloves....

oh yeah, I still need to take off from work and pay the money to get in. Not too hard to do... I hope.
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