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Stitch by stitch, day by day

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Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
3:26p - depressing
Ok, now my SON is closer in age to all but ONE of my cousins....

My Aunt Pam had her baby Monday. After several months of waiting to see the sex of the child, we have a little girl. Oh..... I don't know the name yet...

Again, I reminded about how I came home for Christmas break as a freshman in college to find my family had moved and I had a new cousin. I feel so uniformed and kinda left out cause my Grandma said she'd call me the day the baby was born. I had to call Pam and ask if she was doing OK to find the baby had been born.

I really want to see her(the baby) and the rest of the family, but I dunno if it will happen soon. I wish I could go to KC/Lawrence and see everybody.

I really need to sew, but I just don't feel up to it. I guess I could finish the corset I was making, all it needs is a 20 minute binding.... I could wear it out to the mall this afternoon....hmmmmmm... I still need buisness cards!!!!

current mood: lonely

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3:38p - oh yeah
I got distracted, the baby has a name!! Theresa!
And I started sewing, but then I needed music and remembered these..

Ok, so this is just funny

And this is just too neat...

current mood: sewing

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