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Monday, December 4th, 2006
Yeah...... SO I have tried to update a couple of times in the past few days....
The first time I dunno what happened, I got distracted and ran out of time to really do it after reading and catching up... Then over the weekend I lost power due to the ice storm. :-P

cause this is about two weeks of updatesCollapse )

I have a corset almost done, just needs the edges trimmed. It is so pretty. I like the fit of it and I only built it to figure out how to cut it down to an under-bust style, which it will lend itself to easily. I plan on using the same pattern to make Silviar's wedding dress too. I need to fiddle with the hips, they need much more room, the trick I guess will be how to keep the waist compressed and let the hips flair, without adding gores and gussets. I'll figure it out.

On a really exciting note, I learned of a con that is happening here in April, and it's both Sci-Fi AND Anime!!!!!! So Andrew will get his Vash the Stampede jacket, I plan on making a few of Inara's dresses. I don't know which ones yet, I am debating the ball gown, depending on the events, the purple gown, the orange and blue gown.... oh heck, I can't narrow it down. It needs to be a gown that when I walk in, will be at once noticed as her. It shouldn't be too much of a trouble, but..... Also I am tempted to make the girl from Van Helsing's outfit... oh, and for the Anime part of it, Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo or Kaede from Inuyasha or Sailor Mars or Anthi the rose bride from Utena. I am taking suggestions. I am also open to the idea of doing a group thing, so if you need a short, curvy, brunette, let me know.

current mood: worn out

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