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Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
6:41p - Addictive
So Hellbus showed something like a month ago on his LJ and I have been addicted to it since. Pitagora Suicchi is a childrens' science show in Japan, sorta like 321 on PBS was for my generation(am I old?). But at the begining of each show before and after each break are little things that are fun marble works. Here's an example of a full TV show;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XTOJSS3bvM which I have been watching with Cam, yes, I am hoping he'll pick up Japanese as a second language! and here is just a bunch of the gadgets that are short clips; http://youtube.com/watch?v=_smJ5NPMheY. Silviar warned me Japanese TV is horrid because it is just so easy to watch, but I make it a point to limit myself.
I am worried about Youtube now, it was just bought out from the original owners yesterday by Google. While I like Google, I hope they don't destroy what I liked about Youtube, which is that it is accessable to anyone.
That is about all for now.

OHOHOH!!!! I just remembered! I finished Cameron's Halloween costume today and now he's wearing it around. He really likes Samurai Jack from Cartoon Network and watches it alot ::snickers:: since we own first season on DVD. I fully realized how much he liked Jack when he started to carry a plastic ninja sword in his shirt and wore a doll straw hat that vaguely resembled the one Jack wore in a few episodes around the house. When I added elastic chin strap to it he wore it to school for two weeks straight.

I was really disappointed when we first got home he didn't even want to acknowledge me and the new kimono(which I made without any pattern, just rough measurements from the boy!!) I was really sad. I showed him the DVD and the ninja sword and I had really feared he had already outgrown the Samuria phase. But he demanded to watch the DVD about an hour later and I got him into the kimono to do a hem. But then I had to pry it off of him to sew it up!!!! LMAO !! I finally got it off him with him standing right next to me watching impatiently for me to finish. He put it right back on and helped tie the belt and stuck the sword right back into the belt. I have to dig out the hat again and repair the elastic for him. I wonder if I can snag Andrew into making nice "geta" for him. Geta are wooden shoes that sit on two pieces of wood across a third piece of wood that the foot sits on and has a fabric strap to hold it to the foot. This is going to be a good Halloween.

And I am working, slowly but surely, on my new Victorian dress. I am going to see how much I can get done before I need to buy more fabric. I want to make a new late bustle underskirt with dozens of rows of pleats, but it requires getting three yards of black gaberdine, two yards of black silk dupioni and a bag of jiffy wasteband. I am expecting that to cost around $50 :(
On the good side, I just need to sit down and make up the train supporting bustle which I plan on working on by Thursday, possibly tomorrow now I know how to drive Andrew to work.

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