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Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
1:13p - sewing me crazy
I am working half-heartedly on Dana’s kimono… It’s really in the final stages now, I have all the detail work I am going to paint on it done and resisted, I am waiting on the wax to dry so I can mix up a light green to submersion dye the whole thing. I guess before I do that I should sew on the collar and hem it all up so that the dye can penetrate all the thread and I won’t have to match threads at the store.
I am now taking the next step and making my under robe kimono. I have decided that it needs to be much shorter and narrower than the first one I just made since it will be under another kimono and that it won’t really show much too. I have been scanning the internet for definite measurements for the overlap piece, trusting that the 30cm for the body is correct. I think I’ll allow a nice 20cm section for the overlap. Oh darn…… I forgot :-P I already cut off the length I needed for the kimono, I was going to allow a few extra inches so that I could pull down the back of the collar to show off my neck, which means if my over kimono opens up I might be showing more leg that I wanted, guess I’ll have to make the wrap skirt after all.

I just received my new order of busks and my first corset coutil. I really went crazy and spent some money, but it is corset coutil imported from England I think and it is heavy duty stuff. It’s 54 inches wide and I think with wise planning I can stretch it to make four corsets to sell on Ebay…. Ok so I may make on to keep;-) but that can wait until I open a new checking account and finish Elizabeth’s wedding dress. I also now have Marf’s wedding dress to make by the end of February…… whew! That is a lot to do……

I also spent quite a bit of time on Youtube last night watching the last season of Utena.... only to find that the last few episodes are not to be found!!!!!

ahggggg! (yes I have seen it once before, and I plan on owning it soon, but still, I really hate cliffhangers)

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