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Friday, August 11th, 2006
10:18p - Meow
So I am not really over having a cat....

'specially as cool as cat I have. Wow, he is just so pretty to watch. I am also just waiting for him to turn around and whoop Cam real soon when the boy drags him off somewhere. I do have to get pics of Cam holding the cat, he picks him up just under the front legs, but Lysander is so long that his hind feet still touch the ground(Cameron is tall for his age too) and if he felt like it he could jump/struggle out of it, instead he is very patient and waits until Cam puts him where he wants him to be, then as soon as Cam lets go, he streaks out to a hiding space. This upsets Cam to no end, but he is eventually distracted.

This morning Lysander followed platonicpimp everywhere while he was getting ready for work. I don't think platonic wanted that much affection and attention, but he got it. That cat was only two steps behind him the entire morning. I would not be surprised if he followed him right into the bathroom. This morning I think platonic could have worn his tricorned hat and a black cat on his shoulder and been an awesome pirate. After he left I found the food dish empty and filled it, changed the water and do I get that affection? noooo, but I did get a long amount of solitude of cuddling while Cameron wasn't looking....

current mood: giddy

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