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Thursday, August 10th, 2006
12:20a - Purrrrr!

I got a new kitty this weekend. He’s kinda a hand-me-down, passed to me by rogue_warrior, passed down to her by mercymckinnon. While neither of us is on speaking terms with mercymckinnon, if any of you who are, please let her know that her kitty has a great home now.

He’s sooooo pretty!!! He’s all black ‘cept for 23 white tipped hairs on his chest and a few on his belly if he ever rolls over for you to rub him. He’s a solid 14 pounds and is as gentle as I could have wished for. Lysander is surprising me how accepting he is with Cameron, who drags him out of his hiding spot under his bed and carries him upside down and forces him to sit on the couch and window sill. I try to stop him, but it is pretty adorable. The kitty is shy, so I try to let him be, and I am teaching the little one, too.

I am grateful to have him, he isn’t used to sleeping with people in bed and the idea of being in the bedroom was exciting enough. He sleeps right underneath me under the bed frame, which allows me to reach down and scratch him on the head during the night. I put down a piece of scrap fabric and he loves laying on it; he’s also found the closet and my pile of clothes that are out of season.

platonicpimp is adjusting to having a cat really well, besides the disagreement earlier tonight when he had to do work for the office and the cat decided it was paper for him to lie on, the two of them get along well. I was thrown for a loop when Platonic called Lysander his new familiar. Most of Platonics’ clothes are black, so we don’t have to worry about cat hair showing, but I do have a nice lent roller for him.

current mood: chipper

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