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Friday, July 28th, 2006
4:12p - Crazy stuff
Not much is happening. This past week I have been reading Sluggy Freelance and have done little else.
I did take Cameron to the movie theater, another interesting experience again (previous one being he wet through his diaper while sitting in my lap and had no complaints about it and was quite upset that I did.) This time we went to see Cars and had hard time getting him to calm down. At first the theater was really neat, but then he started freaking out about sitting down and not doing anything and when previews came on he lost it and we sat in the back outside the door watching the screen until the attendant closed it, then he wanted to go inside and sit down to watch. Then the whole announcement about look for doors and emergency exits came on and he freaked out again… ugh
When the movie actually came on he started rooting and cheering for the Lighting McQueen car to win—I was kind of embarrassed about it, he was so loud! But none of the other kids (all five of them) seemed to really care…hmmmm… When the movie started getting slow on action he wandered out of the theater to the arcade and wanted to play around a bit. I ended up buying a pretzel to share and lured him back to sit and watch the rest of the show. All in all he seemed to really enjoy it.
Last night Andrew came home while I was almost asleep and said something about returning library books for him and that he’s invited a friend over for dinner tonight so I have been cleaning a bit like crazy. We also have some friends of ours crashing for the weekend so they can see a concert. I am flustered that I have scrubbed the whole place (except Cam’s room) and I feel like it is still dirty. Anyone who walks in will notice it is cleaner, but I feel like it is missing something. I wish I had a mop!!!
On top of that, I got a call from my grand ma telling me that my mom is coming up to stay with me for my b-day…. I haven’t heard anything about this from her yet, but this is the way my family works. I hope she’ll be all right staying here, since we’ll have others with us too. I faintly remember talking about doing something like this for her b-day, but I don’t remember discussing it since April… Andrew is wanting to tell her to get a hotel since she still hasn’t told us anything about this and only being a few weeks away… but they don’t get along well. I know she just wants to see if she can “cure” Cam of his autism in one weekend, which is crap, she just doesn’t get it that he is the way he is. It’s like he some big disappointment to my side of the family and it doesn’t make things better that my cousin, Sean who was diagnosed similarly, is doing well and is catching up to where he is supposed to be…
Most embarrassing moment of the week? Going to the automotive place and while standing in line having Cam wonder off. When the employees found him he was atop of the ladder with his pants pulled down, waving cheerfully at everyone who passed.

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4:26p - Like I have time
I really want to make this one day. It has been dubbed "Victorian Piratess" or something. I call "Arrrrr!" It's just sexy and refined, it does need a tri-corn hat though.... but just want a tricorn hat in general...

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