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Saturday, July 8th, 2006
8:10p - boring day
Nothing much happening today.
Went out and got “camping” gear. It’s really for when the world goes crazy, which Andrew thinks will happen any minute. So he spent a ton of money (omgoddess, so much money) getting very nice frame packs for hiking, nice warm wool blankets and all sorts of things I have no idea he put into the cart. We even got cam a pack, it’s oversized, but he’ll grow into it!
We also got a bunch of canned goods to put into the packs, and lightsticks and some other foodstuffs that won’t go bad soon.
We have been driving and shopping all over and I am dead tired, but it’s all good. I made an awesome dinner and now I have been requested to make a dessert too! mmm lemon meringue pie!
Oh, funny thing! We went buy new shoes for the boy when Karen and Danna just walked into the store. (That’s my mom-in-law and sis-in-law) We did not plan to meet or anything, but there they were LOL!! Karen sneaked up behind cam while he was playing and started talking to him. He kept playing and talking back to her without turning around to see her until a couple of minutes later when she tickled him and he turned around to see her. Oh I wish I had had a camera, the look of complete surprise and joy on his face was just wonderful. He jumped up and hugged her tight and smiled so big and in general was happier.

current mood: thirsty

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