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Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
2:14p - Party
Wow, I had a blast last night! I went out for the first time in a loooooonnnnnnggg time without kid. Ok, yeah, there was interfuse, but this was a clubbing scene. And there was no Andrew!!!
First off, I learned I don’t know how to socialize outside of work, ugh. The idea of dancing is great, but I really only know swing. The whole free form stuff just feels a little weird. I tried dancing on my own waiting for Jen to come join me on the dance floor and I just got a huge case of the giggles. I’d sway a bit, swish a hip, do a dip, then bend over and laugh my ass off for a few seconds, then put myself back together again and start grooving to the music.
I sat back down for a few minutes and had a conversation with Jen’s friend who was with us, Tyler. He was pointing out all these sleazy guys dancing and grinding with drinks in their hands. We snickered about it for a few minutes until Jen wanted to dance again, then we headed back out. The only problem is that this was the first clubbing/dancing experience I have with Jen so I don’t know her style yet. Peter, on the other hand, is her ex-boyfriend, lover/roommate person best friend. Peter is Andrew’s friend and is our “gateway” to fun things. When Peter came out to dance it was quickly realized they know what they are doing so I backed off and did my own thing. I enjoyed watching people just as much as doing something too.
In a brief moment when I was doing my own thing, a guy came up behind me, then sidestepped to my left and started “bumping” into me. At first I thought he was just being pushed by someone else, but then I noticed he was doing it to the beat and it was his “dancing.” Not only was he just invading space uninvited, he was doing it with a drink in his hand. LOL!!! I smiled and walked away and quite literally draped myself over Peter for a few minutes with a sever case of the giggles.
I wore my newest foxtail and I was surprised how many people, male and female, who felt comfortable just grabbing my tail!!! I guess I should have talked to them more—most people who grab it feel like they are trying to rip it off, these people were decent, like a little playful tug. They just kept doing it in the middle of the burlesque show, so I was distracted.
The shows were great, OH my goddess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love going to strip clubs, but this is what I have always wanted to be able to see, ever since seeing Gypsy as a small child. Now some of it was just a couple of girls taking clothes off and shaking what they got, but at least their outfits coordinated to look cool doing so. But my favorites were the actual acts, girls singing Broadway tunes while doing a funny skit. The first one was done to the tune of “I can do anything better than you!” and it was rolling on the ground funny. Another was done to Momma’s Morton’s Warden song, with fetish black vinyl costumes and high heels.
One of the girls just is a crazy fiend (alright they all are in their own special ways) doing back flips in high heels and such things. The crown performance was a trapeze act with one girl just really showing off how cool she is. I had met her a few months ago when she bought the fabric for the costume at my store. She was kinda bitchy and not friendly, but then how do you explain to a total stranger that you do this kind of stuff? Peter seems to be on friendly terms with her, but I felt she blew him off too last night. When I recognized her and told Jen that I had met her, Jen kept pushing me at her and Peter while they were talking. I don’t know why, but I won’t worry too much about it.
I plan on finding a way to get there next Saturday.

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