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Saturday, July 1st, 2006
3:59p - growl
I am a bad parent. Ok, maybe not bad, but probably not as attendant as I should be to Cam.
Yes, I feel like I wait on him hand and foot, which is why I give him space to do his own thing while I do my own, but Andrew has this whole place placed that to do anything except watch TV, you’re facing a wall… my sewing station, dinner table, pc cubicle…
SO while reading my email I left Cam watching TV. I am really six feet away with the couch in between us. I can hear him playing with his trains on the floor, but a few minutes later I hear him playing with what sounds like paper, I know Andrew has his game books out and his new “kingdom” for us to explore on Tuesday and I know Andrew would be upset just a bit if Cam destroyed it. So I turn around with the intention of shooing him away from what ever he is doing, and he is pulling all the ribbon out of my Beauty and the Beast cassette tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright, lettme explain about this tape and Beauty and the Beast in general… I have very few memories of good things in my childhood; this is one of them. I remember seeing it in the theater, I remember talking about it with Shana, and I remember it winning the awards for best animation and best picture or something… And here it is all pulled out on the couch. I have the video too, but I can’t replace this easily—he pulled Aladdin out and decorated the living room six months ago and Andrew and I have been looking for a replacement since- I nearly lost it with him. Thankfully he went to his room with out a fuss, he tried to take the tape ribbon with him! I think I spent nearly a half hour respooling it. Now I am listening to it all the way to make sure it works.
I can’t believe how easily I flare up about this; Andrew would say I overreacted. But HOW DO I COMMUNICATE!?!!?!?!?!!??! Cameron just doesn’t seem to get a lot of this “you can’t do that.” He just doesn’t listen when I tell him anything anymore. Plus I can’t understand why he decided to do it. He loves this tape, he listens to it constantly and sings along and dances. It is a wonderful thing to have in the car on a long trip. I caught him trying to disassemble a video tape last week, my Condorman video that I had to wait forever to get, and I blew my lid and Andrew basically ripped me a new one for losing my temper at Cameron. I don’t beat my child, but sometimes…….

current mood: grumpy

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