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Friday, June 30th, 2006
5:09p - Vash!
I am a bad person. I have sat in front of the pc now for I think four hours watching Trigun. Sadly, deerhunter has only gotten 1-12, 15-19 up. I am really hoping he gets it all up soon. I am seriously disappointed in myself, why do I love Vash so much? He is also putting up chobits, which makes me really happy. I want to see it after watching a simple clip from it. Also today I set up my youtube account and put in my profile.
I am now daunted by the idea of making kimono. The thought seemed so easy, find a few nice patterns for the garments, find a few nice motifs for the dying, order a few more supplies for my dying kit, put down some plastic, make a few stretchers to lay the fabric on…. Paint it up, batch it to set the dye, embroider here and there if wanted… Presto! Kimono! Make up a simple under kimono, make up some belts, buy nice brocade to cut up in lengths to make simple stiff obis……
Gahhh! I am talking myself out of something that I know I can do, I mean, I have two months if I just get to it to get it done… I have found lots of nice examples, a few tutorials and books. I should be more confident….*sigh* but I am not.

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