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Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
10:52a - A day
Not much happening today.
Last night we got together Ali and Cat and started talking about what game we would like to play next. We ended ShadowRun last week, and we’re kinda drifting. It seems we are going to do a modified D&D with Andrew’s house rules.
I had offered to run Changling, but Ali didn’t quite understand how that would work as a game, so we kinda gave her movie version adventures in it, like Baron Munchausen and Willi Wonka, which just hurt her brain. I am sorta glad that they voted that down, I am timid about running a game anyways, but I feel Andrew will be burned out quick if he doesn’t get to play in a game soon.
This morning I again walked Cam to school and had a nice morning walk. Yesterday I found a cicada shell and picked it up and showed him it. He was creeped out about it, but he let me put it in the cup holder and I catch him occasionally peeping in at it. Then, this morning I found a live cicada on the ground and picked it up and showed it him. He cringed and squirmed and it made it’s little blaring sound back and they both calmed down. I have come to the conclusion that Cam is not a creepy crawly kind of kid. I won’t be surprised with snakes and things like I did with my childhood, he’s already too content with sitting down with a book and pretending to be Batman and such, but he’ll be lots of fun since he loves being outside.
This morning I am glad to say, I got my “chores” done! I watered my flowers, I finished laying down brick around a flower bed, I took out the trash(still need to finish up laundry and unload the dishwasher) but I feel good with what I got done.
A really nice lotion/soap/ candle shop is hiring part time down the street. I love going in there it smells so nice, but I can’t afford it since it’s so expensive. But today I walked by after dropping Cam off at school and they are hiring for a Saturday position, which I will talk about with Andrew. The big thing is that there is a nice employee discount off the merchandise, which will mean I will have yule covered then!

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12:57p - Fast!!!!
IT'S HERE!!!!!
Ok, enough shouting about it, BUT IT IS AWESOME!!!
I have been planning a hare brained idea to make up full kimono for myself and I have enlisted some local friends to join in the “fun” of it. I am hoping to make the full kimono; juban, nagajuban, houmongi(for me), furisode(them), koshi-himo, date jime and I plan on dying/stencil/ print ect all of this by hand. The actually obi I figure we can buy nice brocade from Hancocks. If I could, I’d drive to Lawrence to go to Sarahs to buy real silk brocade, but that would get really expensive.
But the cool thing is Monday I ordered samples from Dharma trading co of all the silks, I bought three stretched silk hoops, two silk paddle fans and some gouda resist (forgot to get dispensers, duh.) I paid the least amount of shipping I could, under four dollars, and they said it may take awhile, I told them as long as I got it by next Friday, I’d be fine. I GOT IT TODAY!!!!! That’s only two days in the mail, at best, since they put it out Monday afternoon, and I got it today, Wednesday morning!!!!
Now to get the money to order actual yardage…. Five yards for each nagajuban, houmongi/furisode and what ever I need for the koshi-himo, date jime belts and the ribbon to make obi-jime(although there is a site online to buy them)

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