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Sunday, June 25th, 2006
11:10p - Car troubles
GRRRR!!!! I really need to but another car!!!!! it's fei-oo!!!!!
I feel horrible about this whole night really.
Andrew went to go pick up his sis since she's staying with us this week and I coerced him in taking Cameron. About fifteen minutes later he calls me saying that the car is dead. GRRRRRREat! NOt only is Karen out of town, I'm not sure if Mike is still in town and I am looking for a ride to get him and Cam back.
Then I call Ali, who is with Cat. And I don't even bother asking if they are dong anything, I just feel like I demanded them to come rescue me. However, they have been working all evening so I feel that at least they got to come rest afterwards. I feel bad since the efforts to jumping the car to get it started failed and they were forced to drive Cam home. Apparently he screamed all the way(they left Andrew with the car to wait for the tow truck) and he screamed for a good five minutes in my lap before he calmed down. Then he was just happy as a clam and beaming smiles and happy to get in to pjs.
grrrr I have now to walk tomorrow to the mechanic to hand over the keys cause I didn't think to remind Andrew to leave them in the visor before we picked him up.... yay......
as for the car, it sounds like the alternator, again. I think we've replaced this damn thing seven times. I know I had it replaced three times while living in Lawrence(fortunately it was covered under warrenty) and at least twice since we have moved here it has had to be looked at......

current mood: pissed off

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