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Sunday, June 18th, 2006
10:24a - Tea?Lunch or Dinner?
I have spent the last week in a flurry of pins, needles, fabric and patterns trying to make two dresses in time for Friday.... All in all, I got them done on Thursday and had a leasurely feeling on Friday while doing my errands.
The first dress needing to be done was Elizabeth's mosk up wedding dress. For only having a few conversations over the phone and the bare basics of measurements I think I successfully created something workable. Not only did it fit perfectly, I actually got it a little too long(note to self, needes four inches taken off the front hem) The front neckline is exactly like she wanted, the shoulder straps are comfortable and the only thing she had any say against was that I forgot when cutting out the pattern was that she wanted a deep scooped back, so in the final I get to take out a five inch scoop right above her bra strap.
I think I have enough covered button forms left over from my wedding to do buttons down the back over the zipper. I figured we need two yards of lining fabric and dress fabric 60 inches wide to make the train.... I have an idea of how I am doing it and will be drawing the pattern out and doing a mock up. I also am now waiting on her to draw the celtic knotwork from her wedding band to simplify it for a nice little band of crystals around the neck, under the bust and again at the hem and train hem. I have now been commission into making flower girl dresses too. I am writing some of this stuff here so I can look it up easily.
I spent a good deal of time looking forward to having Dinner with Orianna in Victorian dress. I went and made a new bodice for my pink dress( really awesome looking!)finially trimmed my underskirt and figured how to wear the overskirt(it's adjustable and can be short and fluffy or long and train-like-my perferrred look!
When I found her, she was wandering around Union Station trying to find the hotel. I was at the lobby and called her on the cell phone. I went and found her and helped her and her mom up the flight of ghastly stairs that are climbed to get to the top. Once checked in, we went to the room and talked costumes to find here I am ready and dressed to go and hers is in pieces!!!!!!!! I start taking inventory of what needs to be done and start assigning things to be done when they realize what time it is and that they needed to run to the theater. We talked about getting together tomorrow and that I'd be willing to help anyway possible.
The next day I get a call at 8:30 and I am still groggy, cam is trying to get me to do something and she is asking when is the soonest I can be over to help sew. I tell her I have some chores around the house and i need to wake up and ask her should I come in costume again.... I am secretly hoping she has in done so we can have a relaxing lunch together.
When I get there at 11 am, they have very little done from yesterday and her machine has jammed and won't sew. I swear she has had the worse luck trying to get this dress together. Not only is the machine not working, they have to be out of the room at 12. SO I tell them to pack everything up and to drive to my place.
In a maddess of activity, I get the bodice done, sleeves set in(although since I was in a hurry, the left sleeve was not in straight.ggrrrr) collar set in and the apron pleated, and the train folded and pinnedfor her mom to tack/sew down. They have little time to get to the show from there and ask if I can give instructions in the car of how to get back. I do so and also sew her into the bodice on the way there. Traffic is a mess since they are doing road construction so I lead them through a detoure and get them to the main street, where I jump out of the car and walk a few blocks to the trainstation to get back home.
So here I am, walking down the street, in my granny boots, in full victorian garb, enjoying being alone and dressed up(it's was really nice not having cam tugging at me, or running after him)when it starts to rain. I am completely soaked by the time I get to the station. and am soaked on the train and while getting off at the delmar station, I am looking for Andrew to pick me up and dripping from every fold. I don't see anywhere to stand under, there is no shelter anywhere and I start to walk toward home/trees/shelter.
I call Andrew on the cell phone and i guess it didn't register that when I said I was on my way home that I was on the train, and not being dropped off by Orianna...
Later that evening, Orianna comes by to get her sewing box and scrap bag and her poor train that was only tacked down has come apart because the wind from the storm ripped the stitches out and was a horrible ordeal for them. I feel bad, since we spent so much time getting her ready and it didn't work out. Also, since she was stressed she was having heart problems and she hadn't eated and is hypoglycimic( i don't know how to spell it for sure)and was starting to shake like a leaf. Sadly, she had wanted to meet the cast and go back stage, but no one got her the pass and she wasn't feeling well enough to wait at the side door(which is probablty a good thing since in my experience the actors don't leave after the matinee showing, they just sleep/eat and get ready for the evening showing)
After she got into the car I decided to make her a sandwhich for the road, she is evidently in need of food or something. As i pass her the plate her mom passes me a five dollar bill! I wasn't expecting that, and i thank her, but I am doing what comes naturally for me, and "payment" was not needed. But I won't argue with her. I get her directions to highway 55 and see them off. I never do get to have a quiet sit down meal with her....

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