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Thursday, June 15th, 2006
4:35p - Unexpected
So I am mad at myself..... well not really, but I can't seem to lace as tight as I used to be able to....grrr I have a great outfit now and it's almost too small!!!
Last month the skirts clasped fine, and I just needed a summer bodice... SO I made a nice pretty summer bodice--will post pics next week. Just to find that it doesn't really meet enough to put on buttons, so I scrounged around and found the last bit of my hook and eye tape, adjusted it so that the bodice didn't have to meet at the bottom, which has a really pretty and dainty affect that I liked.... But I am somewhat pushing it with the hooks and eyes. I slaved for two whole days to make it in time for my dinner tomorrow... Now I am embellishing the skirt that I never really finished because I didn't know where it was going.
I am also behind in making Betsy's dress. I figure I only need three hours with good work ethics and no interruptions.
Cameron's fish are still alive after one night. Cam has at this time dropped 1) chicken, 2) cinnamon roll and 3) plastic goldfish into the tank. I am thinking this tank is a bad idea, but I couldn't convince anyone of this really...

current mood: determined

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