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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
11:45a - weird week
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Ever since Herb and Dj's wedding I have felt off.
It was wonderful to see everyone again. There were a great many I had wished to see, but I didn't contact and I didn't really have time to see.
I am ticked that I missed the actual wedding, but the party after was great and that was a blast. After I had a decent time with my family and everyone was very civil to each other(surprise!) Cam has had just one huge bday party for almost three weeks now.
Missing work for the weddings has me a bit down. I don't get out much but I am really annoyed at not having a paycheck. we had a house guest all last week, which was nice, it was good to have someone to talk to, but by the friday got around I was craving some alone time to sew. I have this urge to entertain people when they are here, but I couldn't sleep well and slept in really late everyday and felt bad about it too.
We spent last weekend in Davenport Iowa at a wedding. It was nice, but I am done with weddings until next August. I am trying to make up Betsy's mockup wedding dress for Friday, but it is going slowly.
The neighboor down stairs gave Cameron a HUGE ten gallon tank for his birthday. He helped set it all up and today we're going to go pick three fish for Cam.
This Friday I am meeting one of my friends from an online foroum. I am a little nervous, but I am also really excited since we have decided to go to dinner dressed in out Victorian outfits. I feel proud of her since she was very timid about the whole sewing process. She usually does doll clothes, so sewing something as grand and large a scale as a full bustle dress is really intimidating. I haven't seen it in full yet, but she has sent swatches and such and I can tell it will work wonderful.
I also have to remember that wolf_j is coming today. I keep forgetting that.
Sewing list for today- Finish blue dress for Betsy, finish new top for bustle dress, add ribbon trim to hem of underskirt

current mood: exhausted

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